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City Hall Photo Book

We offer a beautiful wedding album that is custom designed for your approval. The album is made by Epoca, one of the leading wedding albums available in the US. The albums are made in Italy and use the best quality materials possible. Price of the optional wedding album with 40 photos in 8X11 size is $425. It is included in our Romance Album Package and a slightly larger version can be found in our Ultimate Wedding Package. Many of our clients request this as an option after they see in person on their wedding day. It is very impressive and high quality.


album title page

album page 1

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How to Order your City Hall Wedding Album

If you decide you want to add a wedding album to one of your San Francisco city hall wedding packages, ordering it is an easy process.

  1. Contact us by email or phone and let us know you would like an album
  2. Choose your 40 favorite photos (more if you would like) and add them to your "favorites" on your personal website
  3. Email us and let us know you have completed choosing your favorite photos or have questions
  4. At this point we will design your custom wedding album and send you a pdf proof of how your album will look in print
  5. Make appropriate changes by emailing us and pointing out the corrections by page number.
  6. Once you have approved our final pdf draft, we will order your SF city hall wedding album and ship it to you once complete.
  7. Once ordered the book should be in your hands in about 3 weeks.

Why Order a Wedding Album?

You are probably asking yourself, why bother to order an album? We can view the images online and share them on Facebook and Instagram. Why pay more money for something we really do not need? I am here to tell you, that you DO need a wedding album in my opinion. The vast majority of our wedding couples do very little with their pictures after the wedding. Yes, some share them on social media and others will make a few prints here and there. The real problem is that after the wedding and the excitement dies down, very few people have the time to do much with their images. Most of them just sit on a hard drive never to be seen again. A better option is to make a nice concise book with your favorite images and be able to keep it forever. Imagine sometime in the future, sharing your wedding album with your young daughter. I promise you, she will look at it for hours!

More Wedding Album Samples

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