Family History of Artistry in San Francisco

I just wanted to mention a few things about our family history and what got me started in wedding photography. I grew up in a family of artists not only were my parents both artistically inclined, but some of my cousins were also creative people. My mother was an accomplished artist and enjoyed painting our neighbor's Victorian houses in San Francisco. Growing up, you could look out my bedroom window and see these beautiful "painted ladies" and this helped inspire my mom to specialize in this type of art. My dad loved photography and gave me my first Nikon Camera to play around with. He had a great eye for photography and loved taking scenery photos with slide film. He loved mountain climbing it would take his camera with him in his backpack and get some amazing scenery photos from mountaintops. I often tried to grab the camera away from him when I was kid and I think that's where it all started for me as a professional photographer.

My Moms Art - Painting of Napa Valley Vineyard

My parents encouraged me to explore photography as a profession because they knew that's what I was hoping to do. I photographed my first wedding in college while attending the University of San Francisco and I really enjoyed seeing the happiness my photos created. I immediately started shooting weddings especially in the Walnut Creek and Concord areas because I lived there at that time. This made me realize that this is something I want to do for a living, plus I actually got paid to do it! Eventually, I discovered the amazing, yet economical city hall venue and decided to specialize in weddings here in San Francisco. We still cover weddings throughout Northern California and there is very good chance we have been to your chosen venue in the past!

I love to photograph weddings throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. I have lived in the Northern California area my whole life and feel very lucky to be able to use wedding photography as a means to explore so many beautiful venues and meet some great people. To be honest, I never dreamed I would be able to make a living doing something I love so much!

My Mom's art - San Francisco scene with woman on fire escape