City Hall Photography FAQ's

1. If we book your service will you or Toni be our wedding photographer?

YES! Toni and I shoot all the weddings we book. (often together). We do not subcontract out our work and we promise you that a stranger will not show up to photograph your wedding. If we are unavailable for your wedding date, we can refer you to a few of our friends who are also top-notch city hall wedding photographers. We cannot promise that both of us will be there, but we usually work together when possible.

2. How long have you been doing this and what makes you qualified to be our wedding photographer?

Toni and I have a combined photography experience of over 50 years. We have photographed over 400 weddings at San Francisco City Hall. In addition, we were one of a select few photography companies to make it on the City Hall Event Department's approved vendor list. This allows us to photograph weekend events and reserved weddings.

3. How would you describe your photography style?

For City Hall weddings, we really like to focus on the amazing architecture that the building offers. You will notice that we display quite a bit of this on our web page. We figure that if people choose San Francisco City Hall to have their wedding, they should get great shots of the building. In addition, however, we also make sure to provide our clients with plenty of close up shots, candid photos, and great posed photos.

4. How long until we receive our images after the wedding?

You will have access to view your photos on a secure photos sharing site within 3 weeks from your wedding date. We will then send you a Dropbox file transfer shortly after that. You can also directly download your photos from your secure website.

5. Do we have rights to the photos, can we post them on Facebook or Instagram and make prints?

Yes, of course. We send our clients ALL of the photos taken at the wedding and you are granted full rights to the photos by contract. This allows you to reproduce them or post them on Social Media. Your contract provides you with the release that you can use in case someone questions your legal right to make prints.

6. If we choose one of your Tour Packages, where should we go?

San Francisco is such a beautiful city and there are so many choices. For wedding photography in particular, we like the Palace of Fine Arts, the Legion of Honor, Crissy Field and Baker Beach. We also love to venture down to some of the more famous spots like Ghirardelli Square, North Beach and Union Square. It's entirely your choice, but we are happy to help you decide.

7. How will we get to each location? We are not from San Francisco and don't know our way around.

We provide transportation to all of the locations. We have extra insurance for this purpose and we are happy to be your tour guide. Please note that some city hall wedding photographers will not drive you around the city and will use Liability issues as the reason. What it comes down to is that WE are willing to spend the extra money to procure insurance for this purpose. We want to be your full service City Hall wedding photographer!

8. Still have more questions?

Please Contact Us and we will be happy to answer your questions! You can also view our City Hall Sitemap to find more information.