About Your San Francisco Bay Area Wedding Photographers

San Francisco Bay Area Photography Experience

Mike Dubnoff has been a San Francisco bay area wedding photographer for over 20 years. His images have been published in newspapers, brochures and national magazines. Between our full weekend wedding coverage and our San Francisco city hall events, we have photographed over 1,800 weddings. Mike has the experience to make your wedding day go as smoothly as possible. His easy-going style will help you and your guests feel comfortable in front of the camera. In short, we provide you with more than just exceptional photographs, we act as your personal wedding consultants. All of this is provided to our clients at a discount.

Mike was recently named one of the top 10 San Francisco Wedding Photographers. We had one of our SF City Hall wedding photos make the International Showcase recently and we are also featured on the J. Crew website. Best of all, we provide our clients with affordable packages that are custom designed for your budget. Just complete our Quote Request form and let us know how much you are looking to spend so we can help keep your wedding affordable.

Our vast experience is also important because it has allowed us to photograph brides and grooms at many San Francisco destinations. Mike became one of the few approved "Featured Wedding Vendors" at San Francisco City Hall and can be found there shooting weddings at least 2 times per week. Mike also offers various Mentoring and Training programs throughout the Bay Area. On the personal side, Mike is married with 3 beautiful daughters and was born and raised in the San Francisco bay area. This local knowledge helps when it comes to finding unique and fun places to photograph. A rare San Francisco native and proud of it!

Team Approach to Wedding Photography

For all of his weddings, Mike is assisted by one of his Associate Photographers or assistants (Bianca Semeraro). We use the same photographers (Tiana Hunter and Lilly James) to shoot with us year after year. We never use outside temporary contractors so you can be assured that our wedding photography team will be talented, courteous, and fun! Most of all, consistent! All of our associate wedding photographers are also available to shoot weddings on their own throughout the San Francisco and Greater Bay Area or even San Francisco city hall. If you are interested in booking any of them, please let us know. Both of them have multiple Northern California weddings in their portfolio

Introducing Bianca Semeraro - Stylist and Quinceanera Coordinator

Bianca Semeraro is our Wedding Stylist and Quinceanera Coordinator. She works closely with our clients to make sure they look their best. Bianca also does a lot of our posing for both Weddings and Quinceanera photography sessions. She is fluent in Spanish and also speaks some Italian which helps us communicate more effectively with many of our clients.

Our main goal is to make sure you have the wedding pictures of your dreams. We are happy to share their websites with you if you are interested. Toni Bailey remains as one of our associates, but is currently on a sabbatical.

Wedding Photographic Style Choices

All San Francisco Bay Area marriages are covered using a combination of photojournalism, documentary, and traditional wedding photography styles. During the pre-wedding consultation we ask the couple to give us their vision of how they want their wedding photographed. We feel that it's ultimately up to the customer to determine how they want their final wedding pictures to look. Many of our brides and grooms leave this up to us, but we pride ourselves on being flexible and accommodating. The main thing we want to learn when do the consultation is what you want our emphasis to be. Do you want more candid photos? More Traditional posing? As mentioned, we will always provide you both. We do all of this and still keep our prices low to fit your budget. This is because we want our photography service to be available to everyone.

San Francisco Bay Area Weekend Weddings

We have been photographing weddings throughout Northern California for over 20 years. If your plans include a wedding at one of the Bay Area's more popular venues we probably have experience there. Here is a partial list of some of the more popular wedding venues in Northern California that we have experience with. This type of experience helps us to better serve our Brides and Grooms. It means that we know the attributes and challenges at your venue and this will help make your final photos perfect! If we have not been to your wedding venue before (and even if we have), we are more than willing to join you for a site visit to learn more. Site visits are always free. We strive to keep our wedding photography Prices affordable for your Bay Area marriage.

San Francisco City Hall Specialty

As mentioned in many places throughout this website, One of our specialties is San Francisco city hall wedding photography. Our style in photographing brides and grooms at this magnificent venue is to focus on the beautiful Beau-Arts Architecture throughout the building. We provide our clients with plenty of wide angle shots to ensure that beautiful backgrounds are captured. We frequently will show up with 2 wedding photographers which allows us to focus on obtaining plenty of close ups as well as the wide angle shots that show off the structure. Our affordable wedding photography pricing for City Hall coverage can be found by clicking the link.

With our experience at this venue, you can be assured that we understand the lighting challenges at San Francisco city hall and also the best places to take our couples when it is very crowded. Please check out our City Hall Wedding pages to learn more about our friendly service and positive approach. We do everything we can to provide our clients with the utmost in professional city hall wedding photography. We have been doing this for close to 12 years at this beautiful building and offer discount pricing to boot!

Meet the team... Mike, Bianca and Tiana from left to right.

Mike Dubnoff

BiancaBianca Semeraro

Tiana Hunter - Associate Wedding PhotographerTiana Hunter

Key Points Regarding Our Low-Cost Service

  1. Romance and Fun is Our Goal
    Mike and his team are dedicated to capturing the romance and fun in your relationship. We do everything we can to record all of the magical moments of your special day. Your final images will display all of the laughter, tears, beauty and love at your wedding. We also want your day to be enjoyable so we keep your photo shoot light-hearted and stress free. Wedding photography should not seem like a job for the couple or the photographer. We want the time you spend taking pictures to be part of the fun of your special day! We accomplish this by not over posing you or rushing your around. It is not a race to see how many photos we can take. Instead, it should be a fun experience with a nice even pace. We follow this same philosophy for all of our wedding photography. If you feel rushed during your wedding photo shoot, it will show in the pictures.

  2. Camera Equipment with Backups
    We proudly shoot with Nikon equipment and use some of the sharpest lenses ever made. We prefer fast Nikon prime lenses including the 20 mm 1.8, 50 mm 1.4, 85 mm 1.4 and the legendary 180 mm 2.8 (oldie but goodie). We also use some of Nikon's best zoom lenses to make sure we capture every important moment and occasion. These zooms include the 24-70 2.8 and the 16-35 4.0. We also occasionally use our 80-200 2.8 zoom lens for certain nuptial celebrations, especially church weddings where we can't get too close. Large umbrellas are used when possible to create soft light, but we also are skilled in the use of natural light. Your wedding reception will be lit with unobtrusive room lights to create dazzling highlights during the first dance and other important events. Our Camera bodies include a Nikon D780 and a Nikon ZII mirrorless. We also have additional back up cameras included a D800 and D4S. We come to every wedding with a full array of backup equipment, including extra Nikon and Sunpak flashes, camera bodies, etc. When we photograph Northern California marriages, we bring portable professional lighting that we frequently bounce off of the neutral walls to create amazing and dazzling light. Off-camera lighting adds special dimension and contrast to your images.

  3. Multiple San Francisco Bay Area Venues
    Our long tenure as a San Francisco Bay Area wedding photographer has enabled us work at the majority of the major wedding venues in the region. This is an important factor to consider when choosing your photographer. Have they ever shot a wedding at your venue? Chances are, we have! We are also one of the most recommended San Francisco City Hall photographers with close to 800 events photographed there. Click San Francisco Bay Area venues to see many of the locations where we have photographed wedding celebrations besides City Hall. We have been to most of the major San Francisco reception sites and many of the ceremony sites. If you are having your marriage at one of San Francisco's old Catholic Churches, ask us, because we have probably been there too! St. Mary's, St. Ignatius, Saints Peter and Paul, St. Agnes, St. Brigid, and St. Brendan's to name a few. I even had my first Communion at St. Agnes!

  4. Courteous Service Always Provided
    Above all, we provide our clients with the utmost in courteous and friendly service. We feel that one of the most important things on your SF Bay Area wedding day is to enjoy it. I know this sounds obvious, but sometimes things can get stressful. It certainly helps if you enjoy the vendors you are working with. So for that reason, we strive to make you feel comfortable and relaxed. This also will result in both of you taking better pictures because you will be relaxed and at ease! This cannot be overstated, we find that one of the biggest issues our clients have with other wedding photographers is how they behaved themselves at one of their relatives or friend's weddings. They let us know that a courteous, but helpful wedding photographer is very critical to them! Obviously everyone wants great photos, but why not have a superlative experience as well! When we ask new clients why they didn't go with a referral from a friend or relative, we are frequently told something like this: "My sister's wedding photographer took very nice pictures but everyone hated him, including the bride and groom". Is that a trade off you want to make? The answer should be no, because you can actually get both! Courteous service AND great wedding pictures. That's what we proudly offer our clients. San Francisco city hall is the perfect place to work in this style because it is such a beautiful building and offers so many options for backgrounds and lighting. If you read our Yelp Reviews, you will see what I mean. Our clients frequently comment on our demeanor and not just the photo quality.

  5. We never use Subcontractors or Temp Photographers
  6. We are very lucky to have worked with the same second shooters and assistants for a number of years. You can rely on our helpers because they have all worked for us numerous times. Some San Francisco wedding photographers use subcontractors or temps to help them with their weddings. This is also true for San Francisco city hall weddings. You can find them on Facebook or other social media advertising for Second Shooters to help them. We never do this and always provide our clients with an experienced city hall wedding photographer who is well known to us. We have not strayed from this philosophy and feel it enhances the overall experience of the couple. I would never dream of going on Facebook or Craigslist to search for a photography helper for the most important day of your lives. If I know in advance that neither one of my second shooters is available for your wedding date, I will tell you up front and we can make other arrangements. We will honest and transparent about this process and hope that this provides another layer of comfort and confidence.

    Bride and Groom Testimonials

    "Mike and Toni were great to work with and made us feel very comfortable. They definitely know great spots to shoot in city hall and knew how to avoid crowds so our pictures look even better. We were not used to some of the poses they suggested, so some of the pictures look a little odd to us, but we absolutely have a bunch of pictures that we love. And even though it was the day before Christmas, Mike and Toni were generous enough to work a little overtime to make sure we got all the shots we wanted. They are true professionals, and we were extremely glad we used them rather than rely on pictures from our family."

    Steve H., San Francisco, CA

    "Mike and Toni are fantastic! They are so talented, professional, and easy to work with. Mike was very responsive through the whole planning process. I felt confident that I would get beautiful photographs, and I definitely did. You can tell they have been shooting weddings for years: they know exactly what shots to take and are really good with people. I was slightly nervous about getting my large family to cooperate for pictures after the ceremony, but with Mike and Toni's help, everything went quickly and smoothly! They were a pleasure to work with and I would recommend them to anyone!"

    Yelp Review - Seena F., Birmingham, AL

    "Mike is an excellent wedding photographer who really enhanced our pre wedding planning, post wedding photo viewing, and of course, our big day. He is creative, efficient, and helpful. He's been in the business long enough to know all the "secrets" that can really help your day go smoothly as well as contribute to the beautiful pictures he takes. Mike and his assistant, Toni, were a pleasure to work with. We love our photos!! If you're looking for Bay Area wedding photography- Mike Dubnoff is your guy!! Our photos were beautiful and we were so happy that Mike was a part of our wedding process (and it really is a process, not just a single day, so you want a great team)!!!"

    Yelp Review - Noe-Marie, Danville, CA

    Mike's Awards /Accomplishments

    - Top 10 wedding photographers in San Francisco
    - SF City Hall Photos published on J. Crew Website
    - International Pro Photographer Showcase Winner
    - Widely published wedding author
    - Masters Degree from USF
    - 50 top rated reviews on Yelp (5 stars)
    - Over 1,800 weddings photographed with 800 at City Hall
    - Successfully Mentored multiple SF Bay Area wedding photographers
    - "Featured Photographer" - San Francisco City Hall

    Biographical Information about Toni Bailey

    Toni Bailey has been working with us here at Dubnoff Photography for over 12 years. When we work together on a wedding, we approach all of the tasks as equals and support each other. The most important thing about this is that as our client, you will receive seamless coverage no matter which one of us is working on a project or task. Toni has been a professional wedding photographer for over 12 years herself and has photographed over 800 weddings with me. She also has her own wedding photography business based in San Francisco and has well over 100 solo weddings under her belt. You are also welcome to book Toni as your primary wedding photographer if you prefer her. You can always find Toni smiling as she takes pictures, a true sign that she loves her work. In addition to her wedding photography skills, Toni is also an accomplished musician with experience on the Flute, Piano and Guitar.

    When Toni isn't photographing weddings, she can often be found on the San Francisco Bay sailing with her friends. She has been sailing her whole life and recently was a crew member on a boat that raced to Hawaii. Toni loves animals and has participated in the rescue of a number of dogs, including some from other countries. She currently has 3 dogs loaded with individual personality and one cat who rules over the whole crew. UPDATE: Toni is taking a sabbatical from wedding photography for a few months. She will be sailing around the world starting in the South Pacific. We hope she will return soon, but wish her well on this new adventure.

    Book us for your San Francisco Bay Area wedding and see the difference it makes when you have a dedicated group of associate wedding photographers working with you. As mentioned, both of our associate wedding photographers shoot weddings on their own!

    Experienced San Francisco SF Bay Area Wedding Photographer

    Dubnoff Wedding Photography has been photographing weddings in the San Francisco Area for over 20 years with hundreds of weddings. As a wedding industry leader, Mike Dubnoff constantly strives to provide his clients with the best customer service humanly possible. If you have questions regarding wedding planning or San Francisco Bay Area venues, feel free to contact us. We our proud of the fact that over the years we have assisted many brides and grooms with their wedding planning before they even book with us.

    We have been told multiple times that our wedding information was very helpful to the couple and made the whole process easier for them. Again, we are happy to do this, whether or not you book our photography service. Please feel free to let us know if you have any questions or issues and we will do whatever we can to aid you. We fancy ourselves as pretty effective wedding planners so we would love the opportunity to guide you down the path to the perfect wedding. This is especially true in the San Francisco Bay Area as we have lived here all of our lives.

    Longest Veil ever at San Francisco city hall - Wedding Photography