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This page is dedicated to highlighting some of our online reviews from various sources. I have always thought that the most important things your can learn from reviews are found in the details. Yes, many of the best San Francisco City Hall wedding photographers can show nothing but 5 star reviews and we are no different. However, I think the real way to differentiate photographers and make a decision about who to hire is to read the details of what people say. This gives you a much better idea of the personality and the style of the photographers you are looking at. We have included just a few highlights our our reviews on this page, but you can click this link to see all of our wedding photographer reviews.

Kate T., San Francisco - Yelp Review

Originally we had planned to just ask a friend to shoot our civil ceremony at SF city hall. But the lighting specifically at city hall can be tricky so it was worth it to go with the pros: Mike and Toni of Dubnoff Wedding Photography.

On the ceremony day, they showed up early, started shooting photos right away, and didn't charge extra for it. I'm rarely photogenic but with Mike and Toni posing us and capturing us at the right angles, we couldn't be more thrilled with the results. In addition, their price was more reasonable than other SF city hall photographers.

Mike and Toni even managed to take several photos of us on the rotunda with no one else milling around. They've done this hundreds of times and it shows beautifully!

Lisa B., Washington DC - Yelp Review

After making the decision to elope to San Francisco City Hall, we thought it would be a good idea to hire a professional photographer to document the event. It was just going to be the two of us there, and since the venue is absolutely beautiful, we wanted good photographs. We looked online at several City Hall wedding photographers, but liked Dubnoff Photography's portfolio the best, and so we chose them. Mike was very professional and responsive by email, and we thought the cost was reasonable, so we quickly settled on the arrangements.

We met Mike and Toni for the first time at City Hall. They arrived earlier than expected, so we had a few minutes to chat before the ceremony. They have clearly done many weddings at City Hall; the officiant even complimented us on our choice of photographers. Mike was kind enough to serve as our witness.

Mike and Toni were fabulous to work with -- they know all the good spots in City Hall for photographs, and I swear they made us look better in the photographs than we looked in person! Having our wedding photographs taken was fun and low-stress, and our friends and family have been delighted by the results

Joseph C., Scottsdale - Yelp Review

SO happy that I found Dubnoff Wedding Photography for our ceremony/reception. Mike and Toni surpassed our expectations. Easy to talk to, incredibly flexible and certainly made us relax, and enjoy the experience. Worked great with family photos too. We had two hours with him at SF City Hall, one hour for the ceremony/family photos, and another hour just Michael and I getting all the photos he and Toni could come up with all around City Hall. Creatively capturing the amazing architectural beauty of City Hall, and keeping true to who we are. We also had two hours with them at The Terrace Room at The Cliff House before and during the reception. REALLY appreciate their flexibility doing two different locations with several hours in between.
They truly captured the day for us and I can't say or praise them enough for making it special. Providing us with so many photos that we are able to share with family and friend and enjoy for years to come. Thank you Mike and Toni!!

Best SF City Hall Wedding Photographers

We have over 12 years of experience photographing weddings at San Francisco city hall. We would love the opportunity to work you. With over 800 weddings under our belt we are uniquely qualified to be one of your best options for city hall wedding photography. We are not saying we are the best ever, but we are certainly in the conversation with our experience and expertise. Your wedding photos are all you have left after your special day is over. Hire a professional wedding photographer and don't settle for a relative or friend to be your photographer. Even if you don't hire us, don't make the mistake of not bringing in a true professional. One of the most important days of your life deserves the best San Francisco city hall wedding photographer you can find. If you want to learn more about our service, please click on the above link. We have provided with exceptional and up to date information about how to get married at San Francisco city hall and also how to book us to be your wedding photographer.

How to Find Great Wedding Photographers

Throughout this website I have posted a number of techniques and processes to discover the best city hall wedding photographers out there. Obviously, we feel like we should be in this mix, but also acknowledge the many exceptional photographers available for your City Hall Civil Ceremony. To quickly summarize, listed below are some of the ideas discussed for finding the best.

  • Search on Google and then evaluate experience and reviews
  • Search on Yelp and read detailed reviews
  • Talk to friends and relatives to gain referrals
  • Take a trip to San Francisco city hall and watch the wedding photographers. Ask for a card
  • Hire an experienced San Francisco wedding planner with background in City Hall weddings
  • Ask us, we will send you a list of our favorites. Yes, not just us, but other qualified photographers

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