Golden Gate Bridge Photography Tips and Ideas

Photos with the Golden Gate Bridge in the background are almost a must if you book one of our San Francisco Tour packages. There are a number of different approaches to capturing wonderful shots of the bridge and we can discuss them in detail with you before your San Francisco City Hall nuptials. The weather and fog on your wedding day can also impact this decision. If the fog is rolling in from the ocean then it is better to shoot from the Bay side of the bridge. If it is late in the afternoon and clear, we love to shoot from the ocean side from Baker Beach or the Lands End trail head. Fortunately, our pricing structure and packages allow us to make last minute changes based upon the weather.

  1. Baker Beach Angle - Late afternoons were meant for Baker Beach. Bringing our brides and grooms at that time of the early evening allows them to see the Golden Gate bridge with a nice soft golden color from the sun setting over the Pacific ocean.

  2. Crissy Field Side - Crissy field provide many different angles to photograph the bridge. We can also put the newlyweds on pretty grass hills or down by the water. I love this angle for early morning shoots because of the sun position.

  3. Fort Point View - Fort Point provides the closest photography angle to the Golden Gate Bridge. If the fog happens to be in on your wedding day that's where we will take you. It is also a great angle if you want the bridge to be prominent in your wedding photos.

  4. Lands End Trail Head - this angle comes in from the ocean side but puts the bridge farther off into the distance. If you want the bride and groom to be more prominent in the wedding photos this is a great location with excellent privacy. It's actually important what angle and time of the day it is to obtain the best possible Golden Gate bridge pictures.

  5. Marin County Angles - there are many great views of the Golden Gate Bridge from the Marin County side. We would be happy to take you there, but may need a little more time allotted in your wedding photography package. Contact us so we can assist you with this decision.

Our many years of professional wedding photography experience in San Francisco has provided us with many great ideas like this to make your photos the best they can be. Note: If you decide on the Golden Gate bridge as your location and it is completely fogged in, we are happy to take you to an alternative location. We are flexible and accommodating, but most of all want to make sure you have the best possible photo shoot. You might also consider still doing a Bridge picture despite the fog. It will look like a very typical San Francisco day as long as you can see at least a small piece of the bridge. Another option for taking pictures at the Golden Gate Bridge are Quinceanera Photoshoots.

Groom lifting bride at the Golden Gate Bridge - wedding photography

This angle often results in a very romantic and dramatic image that shows the Golden Gate bridge, but also helps you to visualize the fog rolling in from the ocean. For planning purposes, just keep in mind that the most foggy times of the year in San Francisco are from the middle of May until Mid August. It is very unpredictable, but when we complete the San Francisco city hall portion of your wedding coverage, we will probably have a pretty good idea about the fog and weather conditions. We can then discuss your options for a Golden Gate Bridge picture or even cancel it if we have to.

City Hall wedding couple walking at Baker Beach with the Golden Gate Bridge

Baker Beach is a Great Alternative to Visit After your SF City Hall Wedding

We love going to Baker Beach after a San Francisco city hall wedding photography session. It is pretty close by and makes a nice contrast to City Hall weddings. Check out our prices for city hall wedding packages by clicking the link.