"Ceremony Only" Package Details

The Ceremony Only package is for those couples who only want their ceremony covered, but little else. We do not provide a time limit for this particular package because it is not always possible to accurately estimate how long San Francisco City Hall will take on a given day to perform your wedding ceremony. We will promise you that we will stay until it is complete to make sure that every detail of the ceremony is captured. In addition, we take the couple to one location in City Hall and take a few nice posed shots. Our coverage begins with your ceremony check-in at the Country Clerk's office and includes your meeting with the officiant (Deputy Marriage Commissioner) and also the signing of the marriage license by your witnesses. You will definitely receive a few posed shots in one beautiful location. The pricing of this package depends upon what you need on the day of your wedding. We have had couples that only want the ceremony and nothing else and others want a little bit San Francisco city hall wedding photography around the building.

San Francisco City Hall Full Coverage

As with all SF City Hall packages, we provide you with every image taken at your wedding and you receive full reproduction rights. These rights give you the opportunity to make your own prints of your favorite photos or share them with friends on Social Media or personal websites. You do not need to give us a photo credit, but we would appreciate it if you did! In addition, you receive a password protected photo viewing website. You can use this site to view the photos or to share them with anyone. This private viewing website is especially useful for our international clients who want to seamlessly share their wedding photos with their families overseas. All clients have the option of receiving their full resolution jpeg files by either Dropbox or a shipped USB drive. We have to charge Sales Tax on USB Drives shipped to California Residents. Or more conveniently, just directly download your full resolution images from your private viewing website.

Upgrade to other City Hall Photography Packages

We our proud of the fact that we are super flexible when it comes to our pricing and packages. The truth is, when the majority of our clients step into this beautiful building, they want to upgrade their package. This is especially true with regard to our "Ceremony Only" clients. We allow this upgrade and their is no surcharge or expensive Ala Carte pricing. We just simply move you up to the package of your choice and you only have to pay the difference. Very easy and a popular move by so many!

country clerk check-in with bride and groom pointing

Exchanging rings at San Francisco City Hall ceremony

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