Venues and Reception Sites in the SF Bay Area

Local Wedding Experience Counts!

As a wedding photographer working in one of the most beautiful regions in the world, the most common question I am asked is "Have you ever photographed a wedding at _____________?" With over 1,800 weddings photographed in Northern California, the answer is usually "YES!" Most engaged couples rightly feel better if their carefully chosen wedding photographer has experience at the venue they have selected for their wedding. Though it is very possible to do a great job without prior experience, it's a tremendous advantage to have this previous background and familiarity with the venue. Just knowing all of the ins and outs of each venue really helps when working with the bride and groom. If we have not been there before, we are happy to do a site visit with you. This visit can be done with you or without your, whatever you prefer.

I thought it would be useful to document and describe the various San Francisco Bay Area venues that Dubnoff Wedding Photography has been invited to be wedding photographer over the years. This page will feature some of the most popular and beautiful Venues and Reception sites that Dubnoff Wedding Photography has photographed. I will also attempt to gradually add comments about each site to help interested couples understand the advantages of each location from a purely photographic standpoint. I also welcome questions from viewers about any of these venue sites. Please feel free to email me: or call. I am happy to help you select the most appropriate venue whether or not you choose me to be your Bay Area wedding photographer. We have information about the affordability of these various venues in a general sense, but can also obtain more detail information if needed.

All sites listed below have been photographed by Dubnoff Wedding Photography

Bridal Party having fun at the Palm Event Center

Venues Photographed by Dubnoff Wedding Photography

We are proud of the fact that we are Northern California natives and grew up exploring the beauty of the San Francisco Bay Area. Our vast local experience means that we have probably photographed a wedding at your venue at one time or another. It would take up too much room to list every venue in this area, but I thought it might be helpful to mention some of the places we have photographed multiple weddings (in no particular order). To see a more complete list of wedding reception venues that we have photographed over the years scroll to the bottom of this page.

  • Boundary Oak Golf Club - Located in Walnut Creek, this has been one of our favorite Bay Area venues for many years. They have a comfortable and nicely decorated reception area and they allow you out on the Walnut Creek Muni golf course for photos! We have photographed at least 10 weddings here. The Name of the actual wedding venue located here is The Clubhouse at Boundary Oak. Photos taken out on the 18th hole can be pretty spectacular at the best time of day. Unfortunately, the old oak tree blew down in a 2019 winter storm. In addition to our experience with the amazing venue, I have also played golf here numerous times which also provides some valuable insight to assist me with photographic opportunities.

  • Blackhawk Country Club - Another favorite venue of ours located in beautiful Danville out in the hills. They cater to weddings and the event staff are extremely helpful. We are an approved vendor at Blackhawk in Danville. They even asked us for a sample wedding album which we gladly provided. One of the most high end wedding Venues in the San Francisco Bay Area.

  • Heather Farms - Also located in Walnut Creek, Heather Farms is an absolutely beautiful setting to celebrate your nuptials. Check out their amazing rose garden and pond area with many great photographic backgrounds. We have photographed weddings at Heather Farms close to 20 times! For many years, I brought my children here to feed the ducks and walk around which also provided me with some ideas for exceptional photography locations.

  • San Ramon Marriott - I know, it seems crazy to include a hotel in this list, but this happens to be a very picturesque wedding venue. Located in San Ramon, we love this location because of all of the fantastic picture spots! I have lost track of the number of weddings we have photographed here!

  • Wente Vineyards - We love this place! Not only because of it's amazing picturesque location, but it is actually a wedding photographer's dream venue. Whenever we shoot a wedding at this Livermore winery, we run out of time while photographing the couple. There are just too many great locations here. Over 10 weddings photographed in the past 12 years at Wente Vineyards!

  • Blackhawk Auto Museum - We are antique auto lovers so of course we love the Blackhawk Auto Museum in Danville. Truly a beautiful place to get married if you enjoy classic cars. This venue actually allows the couple to have their wedding ceremony right in with all of the cars. One of Danville's most popular wedding venues!

  • Garre Vineyards - Also located in Livermore, Garre Vineyards was recently completely renovated and it's now better than ever. We have photographed 6 weddings here over the years, mostly in it's pre-renovation form. Garre is another Northern California favorite!

  • Oakhurst Country Club - Located in the beautiful town of Clayton, this venue is practically in our backyard where we live (close to the Clayton / Concord border). Amazing views and a very accommodating staff. We have quite a bit of history here with close to 10 weddings creatively photographed. Let us know if you are planning a wedding in Clayton, California.

  • Jefferson Street Mansion - Located in historic Benicia, California, this venue specializes in weddings and other events. We have been here many times and have found the event staff to be extremely friendly and easy to work with. The Jefferson Street Mansion is another hidden gem! We have been to this Benicia landmark 4 times and loved every minute of it.

  • San Ramon Golf Club - I am not sure why, but we find ourselves photographing weddings here almost every year. The location for the ceremony is perfect and there are plenty of great views. I have lost track, but I am sure we have been to the San Ramon Golf Club over 10 times. Great photographic opportunities under the tree by the pond

  • Pleasant Hill Community Center - Located in Pleasant Hill California, this plain sounding venue actually ends being one of our Bay Area favorites. Close to downtown, yet located in a beautiful heavily wooded area, this venue offers many different photo opportunities. We have been to this Pleasant Hill Venue close to 10 times.

  • Concord Centre - a fairly simple and straight forward wedding venue, it boasts plenty of space and reasonable prices. Located in the heart of Concord and another favorite of ours. We have been to this Concord, California venue multiple times! Not much in the way of outdoor photography locations in the immediate area, but we know some nearby beautiful locations to take you to. We have been photographing weddings in the Contra Costa and Concord area for years. We know the good spots!

  • Walnut Creek Marriott - Yes another SF Bay Area hotel venue but with a difference. Beautiful architecture with open ceilings make this a fabulous place to have your wedding. Located close to downtown Walnut Creek, we have photographed weddings here over 6 times. We have also photographed weddings at the San Jose Marriott hotel.

  • Shadelands - Also in Walnut Creek but very close to the Concord border, this venue offers a beautiful ceremony site plus reception area. Lots of trees and shelter from the wind makes this a great Wedding venue and a place we love to photograph. Plenty of parking and conveniently located!

  • Crow Canyon Country Club - Located in Danville this beautiful venue offers Country Club fashion
    along with beautiful outdoor scenery. We have photographed 3 weddings at this Danville, California venue over the years. The indoor reception area is roomy and very nice looking.

  • Brentwood Golf Club - The best wedding venue in the Brentwood area, the Golf Club is a very popular place to have a wedding. They have a large reception area and a very nice outdoor location for your wedding ceremony. We have photographed close to 10 weddings at the Brentwood Golf Club. Nice bridge for photography with cool colors plus the golf course is available for photos.

  • Contra Costa Country Club - Definitely one of our favorite wedding venues. Contra Costa Country Club is located in Pleasant Hill and boasts a wide variety of pictures spots. They even have a woodsy area for wedding photography and the reception facility is top notch! Ask the coordinator and you can borrow a golf cart to go out on the course for wedding pictures.

  • Bently Reserve - OK I have to be honest, I have only photographed one wedding event here, but it was such an amazing venue located in San Francisco I just had to list it. I would love to come back to the Bently Reserve! I do understand that it is a bit expensive, but you get a lot for your money.

  • SF Presidio Chapel - Last but not least is San Francisco's own Presidio Chapel. Such an amazing spot to get married with incredible photo opportunities everywhere. I have photographed this SF location 4 times and we always love it! It is in a beautiful spot in the Presidio woods.

  • Palace of Fine Arts - How can we leave out one of San Francisco's best and more famous venues? The Palace of Fine Arts is an amazing outdoor location to have your wedding and we have photographed dozens of marriages here including a few ceremonies. Try to get there early in the morning when the sun is on the building. We also take couples here after their City Hall ceremony.

  • University Club of San Francisco - A wonderful San Francisco wedding venue complete with antiques, gorgeous sitting rooms and an amazing view! I believe you get some perks if you are a member. They have a beautiful old fashioned balcony, but watch out if you are afraid of heights!

  • SF Italian Athletic Club - This incredible venue is rich in tradition and is right in the heart of North Beach. Many Italians have had their wedding receptions here after their ceremony at Saint Peter and Pauls Church. My parents got married in San Francisco and had their wedding reception here!

  • The Cliff House - Not sure what else to say about this San Francisco Venue except Wow! Amazing views, incredible wedding photography spots, nice food and a beautiful reception room overlooking the ocean. I love this place! Parking can bit a bit of challenge, so be prepared to walk. Note: Temporarily closed, but reopening soon.

  • Murrieta's Well - This beautiful Livermore winery is part of the Wente group and also does a nice job hosting weddings. We have photographed 4 weddings at Murrietta's Well in Livermore. Have your reception in a wine cave! One of the Bay Area's most impressive venues in my opinion.

  • Casa Real at Ruby Hill Winery - Casa Real is one of the premiere wedding locations in the Pleasanton area. Both the inside and outdoor facilities are very photogenic. They have a nice vineyard in the back which is amazing at Sunset for wedding photography. We have photographed 4 events at Casa Real in Pleasanton. Located in the heart of the Livermore Valley Wine Country. They don't allow you to go over to the neighboring wine tasting bar, but perhaps you can come back later.

  • Wildwood Acres - We have photographed so many weddings at Wildwood Acres it almost seems like home. Located in Moraga, California this is a beautiful out of the way destination for premium bay area wedding photography. Check out the picturesque Rose and Flower garden at this highly rated Moraga venue. Be aware that it becomes dark here early because of the huge Canyon nearby.

  • Hacienda De Las Flores - Another incredible Moraga wedding venue, we have been here 2 times and loved both events. Laid out quite nicely for weddings and events. Kind of out in the country in Moraga. Access can be challenging for Disabled, but they do have ramps.

  • The Bridges Golf Club - This San Ramon, California wedding location is another destination that we find ourselves in quite frequently. Another venue that is very well laid out for indoor and outdoor wedding photography. Centrally located in the heart of San Ramon. I have lost track of how many weddings we have photographed at Bridges Golf Club, but it is at least 10.

  • The Palm Event Center - We have photographed multiple weddings at the Palm Event Center in Pleasanton, too many to count! From a wedding photography standpoint, this is definitely the best place to get married in Pleasanton hands down. It offers everything from great indoor shots in the Cellar Room to beautiful grounds outside. You can even take some vineyard photos if you so desire! The address of The Palm Event Center is in Pleasanton, but it is located in the central part of the Livermore Valley Wine Country so it can often be associated with that viticulture area.

  • Ravenswood Historic Site - The Ultimate Romantic and historic location in Livermore. Taylor made for weddings and events, you will be happy you chose Ravenswood! We have 2 photographed weddings at this locale over the last few years.

  • The Legion of Honor - They do not really have wedding ceremonies at the Legion of Honor in San Francisco, but I thought I should include this historic venue anyway. It is one of San Francisco's prime wedding photography locations and so it is worth mentioning for that reason alone. Great lighting and wind protection for great photography year round. Even in the rain!

  • Diablo Country Club - This beautiful private golf club located in Danville offers many different places for great photos. They will let you on the golf course as long as you are supervised and limit you to certain areas. The inside facilities are very clean and elegant looking. With our 2 weddings previously photographed here we have a good feel for this venue. As an aside, I have even been on the golf course here which also gives some insight to the photography opportunities.

Full Listing of Northern California Wedding Venues

San Francisco

San Francisco City Hall
The Palace of Fine Arts
The Legion of Honor
St Francis Yacht Club
The Presidio Officers Club
Golden Gate Park
University of San Francisco
The Fairmont Hotel
Japanese Tea Gardens
The Argonaut Hotel
The Saint Francis Hotel
The Cliff House
Italian-American Social Club
The City Club - San Francisco
The Palace Hotel
Golden Gate Bridge - Photos Only
Bently Reserve
The University Club
Most San Francisco Catholic Churches
Clift Hotel

Contra Costa County

Grand Island Mansion
San Ramon Golf Club
Old Marsh Creek Park
Lone Tree Golf Course - Antioch
Shadelands Art Center - Walnut Creek
Round Hill Country Club- Alamo
Diablo Country Club - Diablo
San Ramon Country Club
Endeavor Hall - Clayton
Oakhurst Country Club - Clayton
Crow Canyon Country Club - San Ramon
Lafayette Park Hotel
The Concord Hilton
Contra Costa Country Club - Pleasant Hill
Blackhawk Country Club Danville
Walnut Creek Marriot
Blackhawk Auto Museum - Danville
Wildwood Acres Resort - Moraga
Bridges Restaurant - San Rmaon
Hacienda De Las Flores
San Ramon Marriot Hotel
Boundary Oaks - Walnut Creek
Heather Farms - Walnut Creek
Centre Concord
Brentwood Country Club
Crowne Plaza Hotel - Concord
Delta View Golf Course - Pittsburg
Wedgewood - San Ramon
Pleasant Hill Community Center
Postino Italian Restaurant
Crockett Community Center
Humphrey's on the Delta - Antioch
Scotts Gardens - Walnut Creek
Saint Mary's University

Alameda County

Palmdale Estates
Chabot Space Center
Mills College - Oakland
Poppy Ridge Golf Course
Wente Vineyards
Murrieta's Well - Livermore
Palm Event Center - Livermore
Ruby Hill Golf Club
Horn Blower Cruises
Ravenswood Historical Site
Garre Vineyards - Livermore
Rios-Lovell Winery - Livermore
Ardenwood Historical Preserve
Elliston Vineyards - Sunol
Brazilion Room - Tilden Park
The Claremont Hotel - Berkeley
Stony Ridge Winery - Pleasanton
Los Positas Golf Course - Pleasanton
Little Brown Church of Sunol

How to Choose a Reception Site

Choosing a great wedding reception site is harder than it seems. There are many factors to consider and it would take a whole book to go over all of them. There are a few important things that must be considered and we would like to discuss them here. These ideas apply to San Francisco weddings or any other types of events in Northern California including anniversary parties and QuinceaƱera events.

  • Food Choices and Flexibility are important. Make sure that your wedding reception does not have restrictions on who can cater the event. They may insist that you use their own companies and not allow you to really check the quality. These are important questions to ask before you put down your deposit. You should not be restricted to a select few caterers.

  • Size and spacing of the tables with respect to your own guest count needs to be discussed. Many venues will tell you that they can handle your capacity, but don't show you the set up. Then when you show up for your wedding the tables are too close together for comfort. Of course at this point it is too late to make a substantial change (although I have seen disappointed couples try it anyway!) Ask the coordinator to show you examples of various table set ups with your guest count.

  • Parking can be an issue especially for San Francisco weddings. Make sure that some sort of accommodation is available whether it is a nearby affordable parking lot or Valet Parking. Your guests should not be forced to spend big bugs on parking or have to walk miles to get to your party!

  • Ask your booked wedding vendors for recommendations. Be sure to ask them why they are suggesting the particular reception site. You can also check Yelp for ideas and suggestions.

  • You might be surprised that some reception sites actually have Curfews. Talk to your coordinator to make sure that you know in advance when it will be time to quit. Some places have noise restrictions or other limitations that could affect your fun party in a negative way. I was a wedding photographer at one particular venue and things ran a bit late. By the time they started the dancing, they quickly discovered that they only had bout 30 minutes before the DJ had to shut down!

  • Access is important for your vendors. If this is a San Francisco venue, make sure equipment can easily be brought in (not always the case).

San Francisco City Hall Weddings

Consider San Francisco city hall as an alternative to a large full scale wedding. Yes, it is just a simple civil ceremony, but the building is beautiful and their exists many fine places to celebrate your nuptials nearby. The wedding photography possible here is just amazing and we specialize in providing it for you. To check out our pricing go to City Hall Wedding prices. We have a full detailed list of affordable packages and great options for your event or wedding.

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