Palm Event Center Wedding Photographers

This was a fantastic wedding photography session with a great bride and groom at the Palm Event Center in the beautiful Livermore Valley wine country. The couple booked us for an engagement session and we also included bridal prep in their package. The Palm Event Center is one of the major and more popular venues in the San Francisco bay area. Located in the heart of the Livermore Wine Country, the Palm Event Center offers both indoor and outdoor ceremony facilities depending upon you preferences and the weather. The Barrel Room is a very popular place to have your wedding at Palm. Wedding photographers love working here because the venue is very accommodating and offers so many photo options for the couple at affordable prices. Speaking of affordable prices, please feel free to view our inexpensive wedding photography packages or try our quote request form for a specific detailed price quote. Winery weddings can be very different then standard large weekend weddings. Sometimes certain wine related events can be incorporated into the celebration.

Wedding Ceremony in the Palm Event Center Barrel  Room
Beautiful Bride with Groom in Livermore Valley Wine  Country Wedding
Palm Event Center Wedding Photography in the Barrel Room
Cellar Barrels at the Palm Event Center in the Livermore Wine Country
Cute Sweet Couple enjoying the moment by the Palm Event Center Door
Best Wedding Photography of the Groomsmen having fun.
happy husband
wedding dance photograph
winery wedding
Palm Event Center Wedding Photography out by the Palms
Wedding at The Palm Event Center - Exterior Shot (no longer Michell Katz)
Bridal Prep Wedding Photography with light from a window
Wedding Photography of Newlyweds Posing by the Cellar Door
getting ready for wedding
Amazing Bride at the Best Winery Wedding Photography Venue in Livermore.
loving life toast
Wedding Photography Image of the Best Man and the Groom
Bride and Groom Lighting Candles at the Palm Event Center
Wedding Photography at Livermore Valley Winery in black and white
Purple Bridesmaids dresses standing out nicely at this Pleasanton Wedding Venue.
gorgeous bride in cellar doorway at the Palm Event Center in Pleasanton, California
groom in front
Groomsmen Evolution Wedding Photography at the best Venue
romance at winery

Wedding Bridal Prep at Home of the Bride

We started our day at the home of the bride to get candid photographs of her getting ready for the wedding. Whenever we do bridal prep, we try to keep this part of the event natural and not posed. The idea is to tell the story of the bride and groom's wedding day through pictures. We capture just a few make-up and hair images and then focus on the dress and other accessories important to the bride. Once the bride has her wedding dress on we take pictures of it getting zipped or laced up. This provides a great opportunity to place the bride near a window and get some beautiful natural light pictures as the bride gets ready for her big day. The Palm Event center also has a very nice room to get ready in, if the bride prefers to get dressed at the venue.

We also include more formal pictures of the bride with her bridesmaids or attendants and of course some nice individual portraits. As mentioned, we try to keep this part relatively short so we don't stress out the bride with too many formal poses before her wedding at The Palm Event Center. This would also be a great time to capture some photos with the bride's immediately family if they are present. We even took pictures of the bride heading towards her car. The best wedding photography during the Bridal prep is unobtrusive and quick, but we still must capture the important shots. We will position the bride in nice light whenever possible, but try to do it in an unobtrusive fashion without disrupting her preparations. No matter where we are in the San Francisco area, we make sure to be aware of these types of issues. As mentioned above, these types of formal bridal prep pictures can also be captured on the property at The Palm Event Center. We just have to make sure the groom and his groomsman are hidden away somewhere, before we take the women out for photos.

Wedding Photography at the Palm Event Center

Prior to the ceremony we took both the guys and the girls on separate photo tours around the property of the Palm Event Center. There are so many great places here to do these types of photos so it make the wedding photographer's job easy! Just to be safe, however, it was requested that we take pictures of the groom and his groomsman mostly in the back of the venue and off to the side. This was to avoid the possibility of the bride and groom seeing each other before the ceremony.

The Bride and Her Attendants Came Second for Photos

Once it was time to take the bride and her attendants out we had to rush a little to be done in time, but as any professional wedding photographer will tell you, this is quite normal. We feel that it is very important to make sure we comply and even help with the wishes of client. If they want to keep with marriage traditions, we do everything we can to help. It is not uncommon for my assistant to text me to warn me that the guys are on their way to venue so the bride has a chance to hide. We get very involved in the process if needed and our happy to do so. We don't want to be the reason that an important wedding tradition was messed up.

Marriage Ceremony in the Barrel Room

Their wedding ceremony took place in the barrel room which is frankly a spectacular spot for a wedding. The light is golden and the barrels in the background make for a very elegant celebration backdrop. The best Palm Event Wedding Photographers understand that photos come out much better in this room using the available light. So we try to only use our on-camera flash units when the bride is coming in at the beginning of the ceremony. Once the groom sees bride, the flashes are turned off and we cover the ceremony in a natural way that really highlights the golden colors and barrels in this room. After the ceremony and quite a few family photos, we took the happy couple around the grounds for formal shots. We used the barrel room for this purpose also, but then spent time wandering around the venue and of course out by the Palm trees! This is one very beautiful San Francisco bay area venue.

Wedding Reception at the Palm Event Center

It is so convenient for the guests when the couple can have their wedding ceremony and their reception in the same location. The Palm Event Center is definitely one of our preferred wedding venues in the San Francisco Bay Area where we do most of our wedding photography. Just the fact that the reception and ceremony locations are walking distance apart already makes this Venue one of the best! From what I understand, it is also quite affordable, especially for what you receive for your money. This reception included all of the typical events we see at most weddings. We were able to take pictures of the first dance, cake cutting, the toasts and bouquet and garter toss. We feel that the reception room at the Palm Event Center is one of the best we have experienced. Plenty of room and super clean facility.

One More Word about Bay Area Engagement Sessions

We spent quite a bit of time with this couple including a fun Engagement session that was photographed in Clayton, California. We really encourage our couples to have us photograph their engagement session before the wedding. There are a quite a few good reasons for this, listed below are some of the best!

  1. It helps us to get to know how best to photograph the couple
  2. It makes us more familiar with the couple and helps create rapport
  3. We may find out some quirks and issues with the bride or groom (like closing eyes, etc)
  4. Engagement sessions provide the bride and groom with some nice images to display at their wedding
  5. They are fun!

The Palm Event Center is one of our favorite wineries in the Livermore Valley to photograph weddings, for more information about having your wedding here click the link. We are a leading San Francisco Bay Area wedding photographer and have covered events here for over 15 years! In addition to Wine Country weddings, we also specialize in San Francisco city hall wedding photography. We have a full range of packages and prices for SF City Hall marriages. We have photographed over 800 weddings at the Courthouse and it has become one of our specialties. Its a great way to save money on your Bay Area Marriage. For more information, please check out this link to San Francisco city hall wedding photographers.