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Blackhawk Auto Museum Wedding

What a beautiful setting for a wedding, especially if you like vintage automobiles! Certainly a perfect location for some great wedding photography with all the props everywhere! Amanda and Dennis chose this venue because they loved the elegance and backgrounds associated with these antique autos. Photos taken at the museum can be very dramatic, but it makes lighting difficult. There is no way you can shoot a wedding here with a single on-camera flash. Toni and I used quite a bit of off-camera lighting to make these photos as beautiful as they are. We wanted to provide enough light to make sure that the autos in the background showed up nicely, without blasting the couple with unflattering on-camera flash. We used 3 radio slave controlled lights with umbrellas mounted when needed. The lights were strategically placed throughout the ceremony to light the areas we needed, but not actually be seen in the photos. Not an easy task, but necessary at this venue if you want to get professional level wedding photography. I would encourage anyone looking for a Blackhawk Auto Museum wedding photographer to make sure they have the proper lighting equipment. If you are unsure, just ask the photographer about their lighting equipment. They should be able to tell you all the details about how they will handle this dark setting combined with black walls!

We handled the wedding reception the same way, placing lights around the dance floor and used them when needed. Fortunately, the autos also have their own lights shining on them from above which helped make them stand out in the backgrounds, but without taking over the photo. We took the bride and groom on a tour of some of their favorite autos later on during the reception and got some truly classic shots! Of course, I couldn't help but ask them if they wouldn't mind posing in front of one of my favorites too! We have photographed and attended many events at this venue and really love it despite the lighting challenges. The food is also amazing (supplied by Scotts Seafood) and the parking plentiful! Important factors to consider when choosing a wedding venue.