benicia groom
bencia sunset wedding
benicia grand ceremony
benicia mansion wedding
bride and her flowers
bridal party walk
bride and groom benicia sunset
bride in grand room
bride looking over shoulder
cake cutting ceremony
ceremony congratulations
first dance grand mansion
first kiss
first look in benicia
first look kiss
flowers in front photo

Jefferson Street Mansion in Benicia

We had an amazing day photographing the nuptials of Rachel and Rob at the Jefferson Street Mansion.  The weather was gorgeous and the setting incredible.  Rachel and Rob wanted to take a lot of their photos before the wedding so we staged a "first look" inside the mansion.  We positioned Rachel behind the large and beautiful draperies and the she revealed herself to the groom by peaking through.  It was a unique first look and photographed quite well.  With this out of the way, we took the bride and groom around the building both inside and out to create some wonderful images for them.  We had also photographed the both the guys (groomsmen) and the brides attendants.  

With this completed, we headed to a nearby church in Benicia to cover the ceremony.  Once the ceremony was complete we took the entire wedding party to the Benicia shoreline close to the Marina.  As luck would have it, sunset was upon us!  We quickly took advantage and we were able to get some nice sunset shots of the bride  and groom.  After some fun shots of the wedding party, we returned back to the Mansion for their reception celebration.