under the willow tree at the Blackhawk Golf Course
Marriage Ceremony at Blackhawk Country Club in Sepia Tone
Blackhawk Wedding Photography by the Lake with Bride and Groom
blackhawk wedding veil -  Bay Area Wedding Photography
Wedding Reception at Blackhawk Country Club
wedding family photo in the San Francisco Bay Area
blackhawk bridge wedding photography session Bay Area
Wedding Photography image with bride under window
kiss on bridge in blackhawk
pink flowers bridal party
tranquil bride in Danville, California at Blackhawk
blackhawk bridesmaids in the Country Club wedding room
bride with rose in mouth in the San Francisco Bay Area
blackhawk silhouette window image during bridal prep
bridal bouquet photography sepia tone in the Bay Area
bride with groomsmen at Blackhawk Country Club Wedding
kiss under the tree
loving you at Blackhawk Country Club in Danville, California
blackhawk wedding rings in Bouquet of Flowers In Danville
bridal party photography at blackhawk Country Club
fun bridal Wedding party in Danville, California
ring bearer at a Blackhawk Country Club Wedding
blackhawk ceremony with Bride Laughing over ring bearer
bride in chair individual wedding portrait photography
ceremony walk away
groom evolution fun wedding photography in the bay area
Blackhawk Country Club Kiss at the end of the Wedding Ceremony
bride and groom bouquet black and white wedding photo
Blackhawk Wedding reception in the Bay Area close to Danville
blackhawk bridal prep by bay area wedding photographer
brides necklace being fitted by bridesmaid in Bay Area
bridemaids at blackhawk surrounding beautiful bride
kiss on the bridge
pink shoes and pink flowers

Blackhawk Country Club Wedding Photography Gallery

Danville Wedding Photographer

Dubnoff Wedding Photography has been shooting weddings in Danville, California for over 20 years. We are approved at many of the major Danville wedding Venues including Blackhawk Country Club, The Auto Museum, Crow Canyon Country Club, and the Danville Community Center. We are also approved for nearby Diablo Country club and have photographed a number of weddings there as well. We love the Danville area and think it is a wonderful place to have your nuptials. There also many great wedding reception locales here as well. So even if you are getting married in a Nearby church, you can still utilize one of these great places to celebrate your special day.

Blackhawk Country Club

One of favorite Danville wedding Venues, Blackhawk Country Club is a fantastic venue with a large number of great photo spots to take advantage of. Blackhawk ceremonies take place out on the back patio overlooking the lake and the golf course. It's a very picturesque spot and provides all of the guests a good vantage point. It is also great for wedding photography due to the nice backgrounds.

This wedding was a fairly traditional one with the groom not seeing the bride until the ceremony. In many ways we prefer this, because we find that it helps the wedding photography in the long run. So called "first look" weddings are great in that they allow more time for the photography session. You can start as early as you want and take the couple throughout the grounds without having to worry so much about the impending reception. However, we have discovered after 1,700 weddings that these photos are not always the best. Why? Because there is a certain amount of tension before the wedding and it can be difficult to get the bride and groom truly relaxed and having fun with the photos. However, every couple is different and we have had plenty of success with both ways of doing it. We try to just allow the bride and groom to make the decisions about this, but will offer our advice when asked.

Danville Wedding Photography

Weddings such as the one pictured above may have the added pressure of only a short time to take the pictures, but the joy and relief of having the ceremony behind them translates to more natural looking posing and happier brides and grooms! If you are interested in having us being your Blackhawk Country Club wedding photographer, please contact us and we can show you our sample album. We are an approved vendor at this fabulous wedding Danville area venue and have the experience to provide you the best professional wedding photography possible. We have photographed weddings here 3 times in the past few years. If you go in to meet with the coordinator ask to see their sample wedding albums, they have one of ours!

Its helpful to hire a wedding photographer who has experience with your chosen venue. Even one time photographing a wedding at the location is very instructive. We have been here 3 times and absolutely love it. In addition, they treat their wedding vendors very well and with lots of respect. An overall 10 rating for the Blackhawk Country Club! We also have an album sample from this same wedding if you would like to view it. Its our custom made wedding album and is available with all of our packages. It is the same album we offer for our San Francisco city hall weddings.

Wedding Party in Danville at the Blackhawk Country Club

Danville Wedding Venues

Listed below is a summary of some of our favorite Danville Wedding Venues. We have photographed weddings at all places listed:

  • Oak Hill Park Community Center in Danville
  • Danville Community Center
  • Blackhawk Auto Museum
  • Blackhawk Country Club (see above)
  • Crow Canyon Country Club
  • Diablo Country Club (nearby)