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Dubnoff Photography is now offering Quinceañera Photography throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. We specialize as a Quince photographer at SF City Hall, but we are available to cover your Quinceañera event anywhere in Northern California. Your Quince photo session can take place at any beautiful indoor or outdoor location in San Francisco or beyond. Even in your home! If needed, we can cover your celebration from start to finish as well! With the addition last year of Bianca our Spanish speaking stylist, we can now offer this service to the Latino community in the SF Bay Area. We use professional off-camera lighting to accentuate the beautiful dress your daughter will be wearing for her photo session. We also involve the family to a great extent and are happy to capture group photos as well. Ask us about our numerous San Francisco Bay Area photoshoot locations!

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Quinceañera Photography Sessions - How They Work

Our Quinceañera photo sessions are usually 1 - 2 hours long and can take place at more than one Location. Our Spanish Speaking Stylist, Bianca will work closely with your daughter from start to finish to ensure we capture the best pictures possible. She will handle all of the details including posing, background selection, and Quince Dress styling. Bianca will make sure your daughter always looks her best, by checking her hair, make-up, jewelry and of course, her dress.

We understand that some girls may be a bit nervous and so we make every effort to keep the Quinceañera photography session relaxed and fun. This approach also ensures better results with more natural looking smiles and confidence. If you are looking for an affordable Quinceañera photographer for San Francisco locations such as City Hall, The Palace of Fine Arts, the Legion of Honor or the Botanical Gardens, we have major experience at all of these locations. We can also travel anywhere in the SF Bay Area at your convenience.

Quinceanera walking down The Grand Staircase at SF City Hall

San Francisco City Hall Quinceanera Photo Sessions

One of the favorite locations for Quinceanera photography is San Francisco city hall. We make sure to capture your Quince pictures on the Grand Staircase from many angles. We will take you to other breathtaking locations throughout SF city hall for other photos as well. Our Quinceañera photo packages can include 1 or 2 hours of photography coverage on all 4 floors of San Francisco city hall. We also will include family and friend photos in any desired location at this historic building.

We are happy to provide you a photography price quote for your Quinceañera, just click the link and provide us the details. Our vast photography experience (800 Events) at San Francisco city hall gives us the opportunity to know all of the best picture taking locations for your Quinceañera Photoshoot. With over 12 years of experience photographing events here, we have become experts and now know all of the best places for less crowds and great light.

Quinceanera Photographer San Francisco Bay Area

Professional Lighting Is Important For Quince Photography

One of the key factors in obtaining great pictures for a Quinceañera shoot is using the right kind of lighting. We bring in studio off-camera professional lighting and position the lighting at 45 degree angles from our subjects. This helps show the amazing detail and colors in your daughter's Quinceañera dress. Our professional lighting set up is portable and can be taken anywhere we go for beautiful indoor lighting. In some cases, we may also use lighting for outdoor Quinceanera photography.

How We Handle your San Francisco Quince Celebration

We can photographically capture your entire Quinceañera celebration in the San Francisco Bay area. This includes early morning preparation needed like makeup and hair and also family pictures in your home. Each one of our Quince photography Sessions are different With some including full day coverage of all the events that are only looking for a photo shoot. It largely depends upon what our clients want and how extensive the photographic coverage needs to be. Listed below are some of the Primary types of photography our clients request for Quinceañeras.

  • Morning preparation, including Make-up, Hair and Dress
  • Quinceañera Church Ceremony
  • Photo Session in San Francisco or the Greater Bay Area
  • Reception Party Celebration
  • Family Photos at any of the above locations

We can photographically cover any of the above or all. Once we understand more about your special day, we can provide you with an accurate, affordably priced quote for your San Francisco Bay Area Quince celebration photography.

Grand Staircase at San Francisco city hall with Quinceanera

Bianca Semeraro - Our Quinceañera Coordinator

Every Quince photography session is managed by our Quinceañera coordinator, Bianca Semeraro. She has assisted me on multiple photography sessions at San Francisco city hall and will work closely with your daughter in all phases of our photoshoots. This assistance may also optionally include all of the preparation needed beforehand. Bianca speaks fluent Spanish and has incredible knowledge of the Latino culture and traditions. She will handle all of the posing and styling of the dress and accessories to make sure everything is perfect. She is also available for Quince Preparation if needed at the Family home. As mentioned above, we can either cover this part photographically or not. She will help make sure that you have the best Quinceañera photoshoot possible!We provide full service photography sessions and help every step of the way.

Bianca - Your Quinceañera Coordinator

Quinceañera Photo Coverage Options in San Francisco and Beyond

We are a leading San Francisco Bay Area photographer and available to cover your Quinceañera celebration wherever it may be in the Northern California region. Many of our clients opt for San Francisco City Hall for the photo session, but we are happy to take pictures of your Quince celebration wherever you want in the Bay Area. Just let us know your event plans and how long you need us and we will provide you a Price Quote. We offer inexpensive packages with seasonal discounts. For more information and to have more of your questions answered, please contact us.

East Bay and South Bay Quinceanera Photo Coverage

There is no charge for travel within Northern California, no matter where you want us to go! We offer this service in many cities throughout the Bay Area including, Concord, Walnut Creek, Modesto, Orinda, San Ramon, Livermore, Antioch, Martinez, Pittsburg and Oakland. We find that many of our clients come from the East Bay and South Bay and we are more than willing to travel to those locations to provide our Photography sessions. We also will travel to other California locations for a small travel fee. This includes places like Sacramento, Stockton, Fresno and Montery

Palace of Fine Arts - Beautiful Quince Photography Location

Another one of our favorite SF Bay Area locations for Quinceanera photo sessions is the Palace of Fine Arts. This iconic location is nestled in the beautiful Marina district of San Francisco and attracts tourists and locals alike. To me, this is one of the ideal outdoor locations for your Quinceañera photoshoot. In fact, many of our clients like to start at San Francisco City Hall and then finish the photo session at the Palace of Fine Arts. We frequently see the same Quinceañera photographers at both locations with their models. Some of the special features at this amazing photo destination include incredible architecture, large grassy areas, and a beautiful pond. We can spend an hour photographing our Quinceañera and still not cover all the grounds at the Palace of Fine Arts. Truly one of the most photographic destinations in Northern California because it has so much to offer. It is also a tourist favorite, but it is fairly easy to avoid them during our photoshoots.

Helpful Information about Quince Celebrations and Traditions

Quinceañeras go way back in history to Aztec times where it represented a girl making the transition to being a woman at age 15. Some of these traditions have changed to some extent because back in those days, the girl would be presented to suitors at this time in her life. For the most part, this no longer happens, but the tradition remains. Quinceañeras are celebrated in most Spanish speaking countries throughout the Americas and especially Mexico. This also includes Latino communities in the United States. The event is still celebrated, but now it is mostly symbolic and traditional. People from Mexico who are living in the United States will usually include a church service as part of this special day in a girl's life. This is also quite common in Mexico itself. Other Latino cultures just do a big celebration party with no Church service. For more information about Quinceañeras check out this very informative link.

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Quince Photoshoot at San Francisco City HallView from the top looking down at Quinceanera model