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Thank you for visiting our Walnut Creek Wedding Photography page. Dubnoff Wedding Photography has been photographing events in the Walnut Creek - Concord and Pleasant Hill area for over 20 years. As a wedding photographer with over 1,500 weddings to our credit, we have experience with virtually every type of culture. We can also help you with your Walnut Creek wedding if you need information about venues, churches, vendors, etc. View our image gallery of one entire wedding to give you a good feel for how your wedding will be covered. Please contact us for our special professional wedding photography pricing for your wedding in the Walnut Creek area. When evaluating a wedding photographer it is much preferred to view one complete wedding not just the best single picture from each marriage. In addition to our Weekend Wedding coverage we also specialize in San Francisco City Hall wedding photography City Hall and packages.

Special Walnut Creek Wedding Packages

To check out our Packages and to learn more about Dubnoff Wedding Photography please go to our Home Page. We are located in Concord, California and have been a Walnut Creek / Bay Area wedding photographer for over 20 years. Please email us to ask about our special packages for your wedding. This page features a recent Walnut Creek wedding, but we are available for your wedding anywhere in Northern California including San Francisco. Check out all of our galleries on our home page and see other Walnut Creek weddings. We have experience photographing weddings at virtually every major venue in the Walnut Creek area. Scotts Garden, The Walnut Creek Marriott, The Shadelands Art Center, Heather Farms, and Boundary Oaks to name a few. We can show you the best places at these venues to get great photographs! Lets review some of the best Walnut Creek Venues with some comments and observations about them:

Boundary Oaks in Walnut Creek

Definitely one of our favorite Walnut Creek Venues and one we have photographed weddings at multiple times. As far as I know, Boundary Oaks has just one reception room and it is pretty good sized although not huge. What I really love about this venue is the very large area for the Bride and her attendants to get ready for the wedding. This by far is probably one of the largest getting ready rooms in the San Francisco Bay Area. It is well lighted by one whole side of windows and then lots of electrical lighting too. I never have an issue with lack of lighting in this room and this helps make the bridal prep photos spectacular. In addition to excellent indoor facilities, Boundary Oaks has an amazing place to hold ceremonies out by the golf course It is a picturesque location with lots of trees and grass to gaze at. After the ceremony, they allow the newlyweds out on certain parts of the golf course for wedding pictures. They even supply you with your own golf cart which provides another exceptional picture opportunity It is hard to beat Boundary Oaks for your Walnut Creek wedding celebration.

Heather Farms

I have lost track of how many times I have photographed weddings at Heather Farms, but it has to be around 30. This well known Walnut Creek Venue actually has 2 locations to have your wedding and reception. The upper smaller area above the Rose Garden has a small reception room for guest counts under 100. Down below by the pond they have a larger room that will fit more guests. I am not sure of the capacity, but we have photographed some large weddings there in the past. The Rose Garden is a favorite location and very beautiful at certain times of the year. It is a wonderful place to have a wedding and it offers some sun protection which is always welcome in Walnut Creek in the summer. It can get very hot in July through October so its a great thing to have some shade. As far as professional wedding photography is concerned, Heather Farms has a multitude of available locations to capture great pictures. The pond area has always been a favorite and there are some nice areas in the trees if you are willing to walk a bit. Obviously, the Rose Garden attracts lots of photography attention as well

Shadelands Art Center

Strictly an outdoor wedding venue in Walnut Creek unless you want to rent a tent. Shadelands Art Center is absolutely beautiful for professional wedding photography. The setting is in among large trees and grass with plenty of shelter and beauty from the foliage. The ceremony setting is fantastic and feels very private and comfortable. Again, this particular venue takes great pains to make sure the vendors are happy and well fed. Located just off of Ygnacio Valley Road, Shadelands offers a convenient central location coupled with great auto access, both in and out of the venue. Be aware of the location and direction of how the ceremony is set up to optimize the sun position and not have a be an issue. We have also heard that Shadelands Art Center is one of the more affordable venue in Walnut Creek, but we have not been able to confirm that. So please be sure to double check this on your own by calling competing venues in the Walnut Creek and Concord areas.

Walnut Creek Marriott

Yes, we are talking about a Walnut Creek Hotel venue. I know it is a bit surprising to suggest a hotel, but in this case it works! I particularly enjoy this hotel because it has such an open feel to it. Pretty much the entire ceiling allows light in which creates better than average light and some nice backgrounds. There are a couple of room options from a very large reception area to a smaller for smaller guests counts. For those that want it, the Walnut Creek Marriott offers a very large room for ceremonies as well. Some of the best wedding photographers in Walnut Creek know what a gem this hotel is for events. My experience has been very good with food service and working with vendors. I really enjoy taking some of the photos up on one of the higher floors to get a nice view of the interior of the building. This Marriott hosts many weddings and I have photographed weddings here many times.

Walnut Creek Wedding Photographer at Boundary Oaks in the Bay Area

The Ruth Bancroft Gardens & Nursery

I have photographed 2 weddings at the Ruth Bancroft Gardens in Walnut Creek. It really is a beautiful garden type of venue for weddings. For Walnut Creek wedding photography, it is hard to beat in the Bay Area. Lots of colors and flowers and cactus abound. When shooting our formal wedding pictures here, we discovered that a very effective approach is to keep our brides and groom far away from the background to help put it out of focus. This accentuates the amazing colors that are present throughout the gardens. At the same time, we found that some of the cacti can cause a little bit of distracting backgrounds. Definitely a great Walnut Creek wedding venue and very wedding photography friendly. We would be happy to discuss any of the advantage or disadvantages of having your Walnut Creek wedding at Ruth Bancroft Gardens.

Scott's Garden

We love Scott's Garden and have photographed over 10 weddings here over the years. Scott's is many used as a reception venue, but they put together a very nice ceremony location right in the middle of the garden. They have elegant stairs for the wedding party to march down for the processional and it is quite easy for all of the guests to see. This is in contrast to many other wedding venues where they try to convert an eating area into a ceremony site. Scott's Garden in Walnut Creek does it quite nicely. The actual set up from the reception part of the wedding event is probably one of my favorite. Because of the way Scott's is designed, the tables can be tiered with multiple Wedding Party and close family members having plenty of room. It sort of ends up looking like a giant Head Table, but in a different way. Even the dance floor is laid out perfectly so your guests still have access to the bar and food. Located close to downtown Walnut Creek, Scott's Garden is a personal favorite of this Bay Area wedding photographer!

Civic Park Community Center

What Walnut Creek wedding photographer hasn't shot a wedding at the Civic Park Community Center? I would say very few. I have photographed multiple weddings at this venue and have always enjoyed this destination. I especially appreciate the wedding photography backgrounds and locations. Everyone talks about the Gazebo, but there is so much more. Just a little walking takes you to major Civic Trails that go through Walnut Creek with wonderful scenery. There is plenty of grass, trees and foliage to provide nice backgrounds and also some shade in the heat of the summer. The fantastic venue is affordable and has the flexibility to allow the couple to have either an indoor or outdoor ceremony of up to 250 people.

Creekside Hall in Walnut Creek

I honestly have never photographed a wedding at Creekside Hall but I have heard great things and the rating look good. This is an affordable Wedding venue especially by Walnut Creek standards. I will not go out on a limb and recommend it, but I would definitely suggest that if you are looking for venue locally, it's worth at least checking out. You decide!

In addition to our background and experience in many of the major Walnut Creek venues, we have also photographed religious ceremonies at a very large number of local churches. Listed below are some of the Churches we are very familiar with and have photographed multiple weddings.

  • St. Bonaventure Church
  • St. Agnes Church
  • St. John Vianney
  • St. Marys
  • Queen of All Saints
  • Calvary Chapel
  • NorthCreek Church
  • St Francis of Assisi
  • St Isidore

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