Engagement Portrait Sessions in San Francisco

We provide our wedding clients with outdoor, natural engagement portrait sessions at many locations in San Francisco and the greater Bay Area. As you can see from the photos below, these sessions are fun and candid in nature. We take our couples out in casual clothes and let them have fun and be romantic. We have a number of favorite locations in the San Francisco Bay Area that we can take you to. If you prefer an indoor engagement session, please allow us to suggest San Francisco City Hall as a beautiful location for photography. We are one of the leading wedding photographers at San Francisco city hall and have also done numerous portrait sessions there. This includes Engagements and even Family Portraits. We keep the prices for these inexpensive and will work within your budget. Often times engagement sessions can be included in a larger wedding photography package.

Building Rapport for the Wedding Photography

One the great things about scheduling a pre-wedding engagement session with us is that we get the chance to meet and spend time together. We always find that our weddings go great when we have already photographed the couple. Seeing them again on the wedding day is like reuniting with old friends! It feels very comfortable and familiar. It also gives the wedding photographers the opportunity to understand how best to photograph you. Certain things often come up during the engagement session that ultimately prove to be invaluable. It also gives you, the engaged couple the chance to ask questions and make suggestions pertaining to the actual wedding shoot. As mentioned, we can do these portrait sessions on San Francisco or the East Bay. Just let us know

Engagement Photography Sessions in San Francisco
Engagement Photo Shoot in San Francisco in Black and white
San Francisco Engagement Session - Tammy and Greg Outdoors
Engagement Photo session in San Francisco, California
Beautiful Trees and Foliage for this Colorful Engagement Session
Engagement Session in San Francisco by the Bay Bridge
Engagement Portrait session  Kiss in the San Francisco Bay Area

What Makes an Engagement Portrait Session Different?

We want to make our engagement portrait sessions look different than a typical wedding shoot. So we encourage our engaged Northern California couples to wear more casual and fun clothes. This is consistent with the type of casual posing we will do for an engagement portrait session. We try to do more intimate types of photos, walking shots, and just lots of interaction between the couple. Depending upon the location we choose for the engagement session, we also like to get our couples on the ground or sitting on rocks, Etc. Formal dresses and suits don't work as well in this scenario. However, there is nothing stopping you from bringing some sort of a change in clothes to the session.

We have some wonderful locations around the San Francisco Bay Area to take our engaged couples for this type of portrait shoot. However, we frequently are asked by our couples to also include some formal shots in the engagement session. This is completely possible and just involves doing a outfit change somewhere in the middle of the session as suggest above. That's the beauty of doing an engagement session, we're not on a tight schedule and so we have time to let the couple change as many times as they want.

The other thing that I like about engagement portrait sessions is that we can pick the time of the day to schedule the photos. This allows the couple to choose anything they want including Sunset shots, Sunrise shots and beach pictures. All of this is possible, it just all depends on where and when we decide to do their engagement pictures.