City Hall Wedding Photography - then the Cable Car in San Francisco

Cable Car Wedding Photography

Nothing says San Francisco quite like a cable car photo! Because cable cars have been around for so long we thought it would be appropriate to print this photo in sepia tone. For those of you unaware, sepia tone is one of the first types of photo printing available back in the early 20th century. Since San Francisco cable cars come from the same era, we think it matches well. Our favorite place to capture good cable car images is at Ghirardelli Square by the turnaround. At this location, the cable cars wait to go into the Turn Style and for a little while they're available to hop on for a photo. In the photo above, we asked the bride and groom to jump on the cable car and lean out to make it look like they were actually riding it. I just think this makes the photo look a little more fun and real. Printing it in sepia tone just adds another dimension to that. This was a San Francisco City Hall wedding and the couple made the decision to choose our tour package. We provide comfortable transportation and take the couple around the city for a series of photos at various destinations such as the Palace of Fine Arts, the Legion of Honor, and Crissy Field. Most of our brides and grooms also want to get a picture with the Golden Gate Bridge in the background so we spend a lot of time doing that as well. Other locations include Golden Gate Park, Ghirardelli Square, North Beach, and Russian Hill. All of these Famous San Francisco districts provide a great backdrop for wedding photography in the Bay Area.