San Francisco Tour Packages

We offer our clients 3 different San Francisco tour packages to fit every need.  These very popular packages are for those couples that want something more than San Francisco city hall coverage only.  We take you to your favorite spots in San Francisco and create memorable images of you and your loved one in this beautiful city by the bay.  We let you choose the locations and provide comfortable transportation to iconic City locations such as The Palace of Fine Arts, The Legion of Honor and the Golden Gate Bridge.  In fact, there are over 15 locations we generally take our clients on these tours and it is always a fun time.  We try to make this tour more than just a photo shoot, we provide you with historic information and point out areas of interest along the way.  We even end up at the Buena Vista Cafe with some of our customers and join them for one of their famous Irish Coffees. If you are unsure of the location to choose just ask us, we are happy to help!  

The SF Photography tours come with various lengths of coverage and locations.  The price list shows the details with hours of coverage ranging from 2.5 to 4 hours of touring time.  Prices range from $995 to $1,295 with all packages including full city hall ceremony coverage, friend and family photos and the City Hall building photo tour.  3 weeks after the wedding you will receive full resolution jpeg files by either Dropbox or a shipped Flash drive.

  • Tour 1 Package - 2.5 hours of photographic coverage and 1 additional location after City Hall - $995
  • Tour 2 Package - 3.25 hours of photographic coverage and 2 additional locations after City Hall - $1,150
  • Tour 3 Package - 4 hours of photographic coverage and 3 additional locations after City Hall - $1,295

 San Francisco Photo Tour Pictures

cable car ride in San Francisco after wedding ceremony
jumping russian hill san francisco wedding photographylegion of honor family portrait photography in SF  san francisco tour at the presidio and married bliss

Additional Packages: