San Francisco City Hall Tour Packages

We offer our clients 3 different levels of San Francisco tour packages to fit every need and budget. They are called San Francisco Tour 1, Tour 2 and Tour 3. The number denotes the amount of San Francisco locations we are able to visit after your city hall wedding. These very popular packages are for those couples that want something more than San Francisco city hall building coverage only. We take you to your favorite spots in San Francisco and create memorable images of you and your loved one in this beautiful city by the bay. We let you choose the locations and provide comfortable transportation to iconic City locations such as The Palace of Fine Arts, The Legion of Honor, Fort Point, and the Golden Gate Bridge. In fact, there are over 15 San Francisco locations we generally take our clients on these tours and it is always a fun time. We are also more than wiling to try your own suggestions for SF photo destinations. We try to make this tour more than just a photo shoot, we provide you with historic information and point out areas of interest along the way. We sometimes even end up at the Buena Vista Café with some of our customers and join them for one of their famous Irish Coffees. If you are unsure of the location to choose just ask us, we are happy to help! We have provided a pretty complete list of our favorite locations at the bottom of this page. We also have provided you with links to the destinations of some of the more popular ones and will be adding more soon as we complete our research on the relevancy of the information provided. We want to make this a page we can refer our brides and grooms to help them make their decision on which San Francisco destinations to choose from.

About the SF City Hall Photo Tour Packages

The SF Photography tours come with various lengths of coverage and number of locations. The price list shows the details with hours of coverage ranging from 2.5 to 4 hours of touring time. Prices range from $895 to $1,295 with all packages including full San Francisco city hall ceremony coverage, friend and family photos and the City Hall building photo tour. 3 weeks after the wedding you will receive full resolution jpeg files by either Dropbox or you can download your images files yourself. For more information on each of our reasonably priced photography packages, please go to our City Hall Wedding page. As mentioned, transportation to any San Francisco tour location is included in these package prices at no additional charge (Parking if needed is not included). We cannot transport family and friends to SF tour locations, but if you are interested in including them in your photo session we can meet them at one or more of your planned San Francisco destinations. We can coordinate with them by the use of cell phones to make sure we arrive at the photo location at approximately the same time. Our normal way of handling this is to photograph your group and family pictures first and then we take the newlyweds around the San Francisco destination for their formal wedding photography session. We are happy to work with you to make this the best possible situation for all involved. The goal is great wedding photos!

San Francisco Tour Package Summary

  • Tour 1 Package - 2.50 hours of coverage and 1 additional location - $895
  • Tour 2 Package - 3.25 hours of coverage and 2 additional locations - $1,095
  • Tour 3 Package - 4.00 hours of coverage and 3 additional locations - $1,295

Add our very popular 8X11 wedding album to any of these packages for an additional $425. You choose your favorite 40 photos and we do the rest! Our San Francisco Tour package clients love to order this wedding album. We sell them to about 40% of our clients. We highly recommend purchasing an optional wedding album to preserve your precious memories.

Treasured Destinations in the "City by the Bay"

San Francisco Photo Tour Pictures

cable car ride in San Francisco after wedding ceremony
jumping russian hill san francisco wedding photographylegion of honor family portrait photography in SF san francisco tour at the presidio and married bliss

Additional City Hall Wedding Photography Packages: