San Francisco City Hall Wedding Photographer - North Gallery Candid

Wedding Photojournalism

This is one of the things that all wedding photographers want to talk about.  Why?  Mainly because there isnt much agreement on what constitutes true photojournalism or what is often referred to as Documentary wedding photography.  The reason for the controversy is that purists like to tell you that the only way to photograph a wedding in a documentary style is to be completely unobtrusive and barely speak with the bridge and groom throughout their wedding day. Then you basically just wait for moments to occur such as the one in the above image.  This particular image is truly candid and was a nice moment with the groom showing affection for the bride.  But what about those weddings where there are no moments to document?  What should we do then?  Does that really happen one might ask?  Lets explore this in more detail.  

Creating Drama and Emotion in Wedding Photography

I don't know a wedding photographer who would just give the couple boring photos if nothing exciting happened at the wedding.  It is the wedding photographers responsibility to provide the couple with amazing shots no matter what "happens" at the wedding.  For the most part, if a photojournalist is on their game, they will catch some great moments and emotion.  But either way, a photographer will be rated by how much the bride and groom like the photos.  Telling the couple that the wedding was boring and nothing happened is not going to fly!