Best City Hall Wedding Photographer - San Francisco

Best SF City Hall Wedding Photographer

We have over 12 years of experience photographing weddings at San Francisco city hall. We would love the opportunity to work you. With over 800 weddings under our belt we are uniquely qualified to be one of your best options for city hall wedding photography. Your wedding photos are all you have left after your special day is over. Hire a professional wedding photographer and don't settle for a relative or friend to be your photographer. Even if you don't hire us, don't make the mistake of not bringing in a true professional. One of the most important days of your life deserves the best San Francisco city hall wedding photographer you can find. If you want to learn more about our service, please click on the above link. We have provided with exceptional and up to date information about how to get married at San Francisco city hall and also how to book us to be your wedding photographer.

How to Find Great Wedding Photographers

Throughout this website I have posted a number of techniques and processes to discover the best city hall wedding photographers out there. Obviously, we feel like we should be in this mix, but also acknowledge the many exceptional photographers available for your City Hall Civil Ceremony. To quickly summarize, listed below are some of the ideas discussed for finding the best.

  • Search on Google and then evaluate experience and reviews
  • Search on Yelp and read detailed reviews
  • Talk to friends and relatives to gain referrals
  • Take a trip to San Francisco city hall and watch the wedding photographers. Ask for a card
  • Hire an experienced San Francisco wedding planner with background in City Hall weddings
  • Ask us, we will send you a list of our favorites. Yes, not just us, but other qualified photographers

Bride and groom walk down the aisle after completing their Mayors Balcony wedding