golden gate bridge jumping bride and groom photography

Golden Gate Bridge SF Photographer

Over the years we have photographed San Francisco's famed Golden Gate Bridge from every different angle. Both from the ocean side at Baker Beach and the Bay side by Crissy Field. We have brought our married couples to Fort Point and put them practically under the bridge when it was foggy and also when it was clear. We even have photographed the bridge while walking across and from the parking lot. We continue to try new things to keep our approach fresh and to thrill our clients. This particular image was taken on a small hill at Crissy Field. We only know of 1 or 2 other wedding photographers who use this spot or understand how to shoot it. The lighting is tricky and it's nearly impossible to pull it off without huge power in our lighting equipment.

We took a series of photos of this great couple on top of this mound in various poses and then asked them if they wanted to jump (we ALWAYS ask and never Force). They enthusiastically agreed, which did not surprise us. During our San Francisco city hall photo session earlier that day, we got the impression that they were up for anything. Not only did they jump, but they jumped super high! A little bit of luck was added with the cool partial cloud cover that happened to be present. It almost looks like they are jumping over the Golden Gate Bridge. Are they? Maybe it only looks that way because their feet are clearing the bridge. This is always a fun shot and we offer it to all of our newlyweds who take us to Crissy Fields for photography.

newlyweds holding hands at San Francisco city hall - Wedding photography image

Lighting the City Hall Bride and Groom

Check out other City Hall Wedding Photographers websites and see how they shoot the Golden Gate Bridge. You can tell the good ones from the average ones, by how they light the couple. The problem presented when photographing a recently married bride and groom in front of the bridge is uneven lighting. The bridge will often have sun on it, but your subjects might be in the shade. In order to compensate for this, a photographer needs to use some light on the subjects in the photo. But it has to be done with soft indirect light to make it look natural. We do this by using a powerful off-camera flash which is actuated by a remote radio slave. When possible, we try to place the light on the same side of the couple as the sun. this makes for a more natural look! The photo above is a good example of this approach. Professional lighting always make the difference.

The package this couple chose is called our San Francisco Tour 1 package and it allows for one additional SF location once we are done with the City Hall portion of the wedding day. For more information on photography pricing and packages, please click the link.

San Francisco city hall bride looking amazing  as she looks back at her groom