San Francisco City Hall Wedding Photography Image

San Francisco City Hall Wedding Photographers

We are professional San Francisco city hall wedding photographers and have been since the year 2011. The image above was created over 7 years ago of a beautiful couple posing on the Grand Staircase. This amazing piece of architecture remains one of the main draws for couples wanting to have their ceremony in this historic building. We make sure our wedding photography captures not only the romance between the couple, but also the beauty of this incredible Venue. It is worth noting that the Grand Staircase is everyone's favorite place to take pictures at city hall, but we still manage to capture images like this where it appears that nobody else is in the building. We accomplish this by exhibiting a great amount of patience and good timing. The key is to wait for the right moment to bring the newlyweds to staircase for photos. As we travel around the building with our couple, we keep our eyes on the Grand Staircase and wait for it to be empty. That is when we make our move and pose our couple. It usually works and we end up capturing memorable images such as this one.