San Francisco Palace of Fine Arts - Wedding Photographer

SF Palace of Fine Arts Wedding Photographer

As a San Francisco wedding photographer I have mixed feelings about The Palace of Fine Arts. It is be far the most requested destination for our City Hall couples. There is no doubt that it absolutely beautiful and of course historic. Our out of town couples especially like it for it's architecture and past. Located on the outskirts of the Marina District in San Francisco, POFA faces many expensive and amazing looking homes. Its a very safe place to walk around with very little messiness. So why do I have mixed feelings? It is not that big of a deal, but the fact is that the Palace of Fine Arts is very touristy. Especially during the summer, it can get quite crowded. So much so that you end up having to wait for people to clear the background before shooting. This is not that different from photographing at San Francisco city hall, but obviously it can be tough to go from one touristy place to another. It certainly works fine and we get some great photos there.

Palace of Fine Arts Walking Bride and Groom in San Francisco