Bride and Groom at City Hall with Photo Tour

We offer our City Hall wedding couples a number of options for their photographic coverage. One of our more popular and exciting packages includes a San Francisco photo tour following the City Hall ceremony. We let the bride and groom choose their favorite spots in the city and then provide them with transportation as we explore San Francisco together!

San Francisco Photography Experience

This particular couple chose the Palace of Fine Arts, The Golden Gate Bridge and Ghirardelli Square. We started at The Palace and took them completely around the facility. In the back of the building we took photos of them walking hand-in-hand and then posing with some of the amazing columns that adorn this historic site. We then ventured to the front of the building across the pond to capture the iconic photo that virtually everyone wants. After we completed the Palace of Fine Arts visit we went to Crissy Fields to get some nice Golden Gate Bridge pictures. The weather was perfect and the skies were clear, allowing us to make a beautiful photo with the bridge behind. We ended the tour with a romantic and fun walk around Ghirardelli Square and even the took the couple into the Famous Buena Vista Cafe for an Irish Coffee! We want this photo tour to be about more than just San Francisco wedding photography, we want our couple to have a fun experience while checking out the city. We accomplish this by not rushing from location to location with the sole goal of taking as many pictures as possible. We take out time and let our couple stop and smell the roses.

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