Asian Wedding - San Francisco City Hall

Soft Bordered Grand Staircase Image - SF City Hall
Dance Pose on the 4th Floor of San Francisco City  Hall
Architecture Photography in San Francisco with Newlywed Couple
Candid Moment During Wedding Photography shoot in San Francisco
City Hall Couple by the Grand Staircase at San Francisco City Hall
Mayors Balcony Portrait Photography in San Francisco
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Wide Angle Wedding Photography with Asian SF Bride
City Hall Asian Marriage in San Francisco, California
Silhouette Kiss at SF City Hall in Front of 3rd Floor Window
Golden Gate Bridge Wedding Photography with Asian Newlyweds
Newlyweds Celebrating as they Leave San Francisco City Hall
San Francisco Legion of Honor Wedding Photography
Fun Wedding Photography at the Palace of Fine Arts in SF
Precious Moment at the Legion of Honor with Newlywed Asian Couple
Romance Photography at the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco

Fun Asian Couple at City Hall

Cher and Chao were a fun couple that we really enjoyed photographing at San Francisco city hall. The great thing about this couple is that the longer we were with them, the less inhibited and positive they became. We met them at the County Clerks office to assist them with their pre-wedding check-in. After meeting with their city hall marriage commissioner and having their marriage license signed, they were ready to get married. They chose the Rotunda as their ceremony location accompanied by family and friends. As is the case with many or our San Francisco couples, they were quite concerned with where their guests should stand during their nuptials. We reassured them that the best place for guests to stand is as close as possible to the proceedings. We especially encourage this at SF city hall because of the high level of background noise always present in the Rotunda area. If you want your guests to hear what is said, then they should stand nice and close. As you can clearly see from the gallery images, they all became very cozy with the couple during the ceremony. We think this is great and still allows us to capture the city hall ceremony. The only thing we ask is that the guests do not stand directly in front of the wedding photographers.

City Hall Wedding Photography Tour

Immediately after the ceremony, we photographed the family and friends of the newlyweds. We allow our couple to designate any number of family and friend combinations they want. We make sure that these photos are of very high quality because we know that this portion of the shoot can be very important to the couple. So for us, this is not something to just get through. We want to make the photos perfect. Once complete, we excuse the family and take the couple throughout the building on what we call our building photo tour. if possible, we hit all 4 floors of the building and take wonderful photos with the couple, both posed and not posed. Throughout this shoot, we try to make it fun and also communicate with the couple regarding their preferences and needs. We have a very strong vision of how we want the city hall photos to look, but we feel it is extremely important to obtain feedback from the newlyweds to make sure we are on the right track!

San Francisco Destination Photography

Cher and Chao smartly chose our "San Francisco" package which provides the couple with 4 hours of photography coverage with stops along many of the city's best and most popular destinations. We load the couple into our comfortable and spacious automobile and chauffeur them to the locations of their choice. This couple chose The Legion of Honor, the Palace of Fine Arts and Crissy Field. It was fun getting to know them throughout this shoot and enjoying each location for what it offers artistically and historically. This was probably the first time that we had a couple bring balloons on the shoot, also a fun and unique idea. Cher, our beautiful Asian bride decided to change her dress for the Legion of Honor. She chose the perfect type of dress for this iconic destination, one with some color. We love the Legion of Honor as a place for wedding photography, but it is largely neutral in color. Adding a splash of color through wearing a dress like this or using some nice flowers, really adds to the quality of our wedding photography. Enjoy this San Francisco city hall wedding gallery and please email us with any comments of questions you may have.

City Hall Ring Exchange during a San Francisco Wedding Ceremony

Ring Exchange during their city hall ceremony with one of our favorite Marriage commissioners!