Featured San Francisco City Hall Wedding of the Month

Each month we will feature one amazing San Francisco wedding on this page. In addition, we will provide details for some of the highlights of the marriage. Especially as it relates to wedding photography. For booking information for your city hall wedding and additional photography galleries, please click the highlighted area. On that page you also find helpful information about how to have your wedding at San Francisco City Hall. We also provide full pricing details for all of our photography packages. Please enjoy this short portfolio collection of one of our more recent San Francisco city hall wedding marriages.

Bride and Groom Interacting at San Francisco city hall
Dramatic Lighting Wedding Photography at SF City Hall
Formal marriage photography session in San Francisco
Shaping the wedding dress with the proper posing techniques
Window Picture at San Francisco city hall wedding
Bride and Groom posed beautifully at San Francisco city hall
Grand Staircase floor patterns in San Francisco
Grand Staircase wedding at SF City Hall
Pretty Bride portrait in San Francisco
Soft lighting at San Francisco city hall marriage
Bride and close friend hugging at city hall ceremony
A Civil Ceremony at the San Francisco Town Hall
San Francisco bride with bouquet of flowers
San Francisco city hall architecture marriage image
Wide angle view at the city hall rotunda
Bride waiting for her San Francisco Marriage
Fun wedding photo in San Francisco
Maternity marriage image at city hall
Shadow patterns at San Francisco city hall
Pretty sun highlights on bride for wedding photography San Francisco

Maternity Shoot and Wedding Photography all in one

Maya and Maciej signed up for our typical wedding coverage for their fabulous San Francisco city hall wedding. Little did they know that we would also provide them with a complimentary Maternity Portrait shoot as well! When the couple informed us towards the beginning of our wedding coverage that they were pregnant, we offered them a few maternity photos to go with their wedding pictures. We do this for all of our couples that ask for it. There is never any additional charge for this service. We just intermix our normal wedding photography coverage, but add some maternity images. However, if you would prefer a more extensive maternity shoot to go along with your wedding pictures we offer a maternity wedding package. The cost for this package is $795 and you receive 2 hours of coverage. Included in this package is your civil ceremony, family pictures, and then extensive wedding and maternity photos throughout the building. No matter which package you choose, we promise to provide you with both types of images. We have a number of different specific maternity poses and we're also happy to listen to your ideas as well. You can also being props or any other memorable items to the shoot.

Rotunda Wedding Ceremony

The couple had their romantic city hall civil marriage in what some officiants call the Great Rotunda. It is the default place for city hall marriages and obviously one of our favorite spots to photograph. Maya and Maciej were able to keep their guest count fairly low which was a good thing since city hall is now enforcing the limit to 6. In the old days, couples could get away with bringing larger groups. If fact, some couples invited close to 20 people to their Rotunda ceremony. This no longer is allowed due to previous issues with noise and unruly guests. One thing to note anyway, is that the Rotunda at city hall isn't really large enough to accommodate huge guest counts. So this works out well and makes the couple more comfortable and relaxed during their civil ceremony. Update for 2023: San Francisco City Hall has recently become a little more lax in enforcing the sixth guest rule limit. It appears to vary depending on who your marriage commissioner is. We continue to recommend that our wedding couples don't go too far over the 6 Guest limit just for safety's sake.

Family Photos Important Part of Coverage

Immediately after the San Francisco city hall ceremony was complete, we lined up the guests to provide some beautiful and memorable family and friend photos. As SF city hall wedding photographers for many years, we understand how important this phase of the event is to the bride and groom. For that reason, we never rush through these pictures and make sure that our couple receives every family combination they want. In addition, we will often suggest combos that the bride and groom may not think about. In this way, we acknowledge that these pictures are important and a very key aspect of any wedding photography shoot. We have heard in the past from some of our couples that they didn't appreciate other wedding photographers they had experience with who rushed through these shots. So we make sure to prioritize this, but also efficiently make our way through these pictures so the couple can start on the SF City Hall photo tour. One idea to make this part of the wedding go a little quicker is for the bride and groom to come up with a list of all the guest shots they want. This makes it more efficient for us and also helps the couple remember important family combinations.

San Francisco City Hall Photography Tour

Once we completed all of the activity detailed above, it was time for the Newlywed's city hall photography tour. As usual, we escorted the couple throughout the building and covered all 4 floors with various backgrounds and poses. We always try to make this part of the wedding fun for the couple. We want them to look forward to their photo session! We accomplished this by not over posing the couple and keeping things light and fun. We also tried to do lots of dynamic posing, which means walking shots and other photos depicting movement. One of our favorites among these is the couple walking down the grand staircase. The Grand Staircase is the focal point at San Francisco City Hall and so it is important to display it as many ways as possible