The Grand Staircase at SF city hall - Black and White Wedding Photography
SF City Hall Gold Railing Wedding Photography Image
Woo Hoo!  Couple leaving San Francisco city hall with daughter
Wedding Portrait Photography of Flower Girl at City Hall
Bride and Groom having fun at the North Beach Hat Shop
Wedding Photography of Hats in North Beach in San Francisco
4th Floor Gallery Romantic Picture with Bride and Groom
Wedding Dance Dip at San Francisco City Hall on the 4th floor
A Fun Celebration at the Buena Vista Cafe in San Francisco
Tony's Pizza in North Beach - Wedding Walk
San Francisco City Hall Nuptials with Groom kissing Brides hand
Soft Focus Special Effects in Wedding Photography with Bride
Sepia Tone Wedding Photography - Bride and Groom Image
City Hall Bride  and Groom Toasting at  a North Beach Restaurant
Wedding Walk in North Beach, San Francisco
The Best Ring Exchange Wedding Photography Shows Some Emotion
Wedding Kiss over flower girl at San Francisco City Hall
City Hall Wedding Photography - then the Cable Car in San Francisco
The Famous Hat Shop in North Beach in San Francisco
Close up Wedding Photography in San Francisco of Bride's bouquet

City Hall Wedding Followed by North Beach Reception

This great San Francisco city hall couple enjoyed a relatively large wedding in the Rotunda, followed by a reception in North Beach. We covered their ceremony and ring exchange and then captured a pretty substantial number of Family Photos. We really enjoy providing our couples with these family and friend memories. These can be the most important photos to some brides and grooms. We had planned some great places to take the newlyweds after we completed our City Hall tour and the couple was excited to start our trip. We offered to drive them in comfort and they agreed.

San Francisco Photography Tour

We boarded our car after getting a nice shot of the bride and groom with the city hall sign in front of the building. Our first stop was Ghirardelli Square. The goal at this famous San Francisco location was to capture some Cable Car images with the newlyweds. Then we wanted to just have them walk around the area to provide a nice feel of the surroundings. They didn't mind if we showed a few tourists far away in the background. I particularly like this area because the Cable Cars are easy to board while they are waiting to load passengers. This allows the couple to be by themselves on the trolley for pictures. We then went into the famous Buena Vista Cafe and had an Irish Coffee with the couple. We took a picture of them toasting by the bar with drinks in hand! After finishing up at this location we headed to North Beach for some fun wedding photography. For those of you reading this who do not know, North Beach is the "little Italy" of San Francisco. It is a great place to walk around for photography. There is a nice park in Washington Square and also nicely decorated streets and bars. We also had a fun visit to the Hat Shop! The couple had a great time trying on different hats and it made for great wedding photography.

Cute picture of Bride posing with a hat on from North Beach in San Francisco

Wedding Reception in North Beach

North Beach was a great place to finish our San Francisco photo tour because this was where the couple was having their wedding celebration. They had invited all of the their city hall ceremony guests to a nice Italian Restaurant for the party! We captured some images outside of the building and then followed the bride and groom into the restaurant to take pictures of their decorations, Party favors and table set ups. Our final photo was a group shot showing all of the guests! It was a great day and fun for all of us! I am sure the couple will treasure this group table shot in the coming years even more than their ceremony photos.

North Beach Table Shot at Wedding Reception