North Gallery Wedding at City Hall in San Francisco
fun bride at palace of fine arts with flower bouquet
rings and flowers at wedding close up detail image.
window bride in San Francisco, Bay Area at City Hall
bride and groom work there way up the Grand Staircase
San Francisco City Hall Bridal Portrait Photography
city hall fourth floor ceremony with ring exchange
Best Angle of San Francisco City Hall Grand Staircase
city hall groom poses in San Francisco for Photographer
San Francisco City Hall Happy Couple with Train displayed
Grand Staircase Railing at City Hall in Sepia Tone
SF City Hall sepia photo with romantic posing
City Hall Sign  Bride and Groom Waving to photographer
City Hall Wedding Bride Twirl on the 4th Floor
city hall window romance photography
city hall window with groom sitting with bride

San Francisco City Hall Wedding Sample Album

April and Michael booked us for our San Francisco Tour 3 package which included trips to The Palace of Fine Arts and then their Reception at Michael Mina. Of course all of this was after we covered their fantastic San Francisco City Hall wedding. Many of our City Hall clients opt for our reception coverage instead of travelling to 3 locations after the ceremony. This attractive couple got married on the the 4th floor North Gallery and reserved the spot for 1 hour. By booking the whole area, they were able to invite more guests and have a private ceremony. We highly recommend reserved ceremonies for those couples who want to invite a large number of family and friends to celebrate their nuptials.

Our normal process of handling city hall weddings is to photograph family and friends immediately after the ceremony. This accomplishes 2 things: 1. You can get your family shots when everyone is still right there in the area. People will tend to wander off, go the restroom, etc. Catch them before this happens and save time! 2. Once the family photos are done, the participants are free to leave or wander around. This give us the added advantage of being able to concentrate on the formal bride and groom shoot throughout the building. April and Michael had a pretty good number of family photos to complete and we here happy to do them all up in the beautiful 4th North Gallery of San Francisco city hall!

We then took them around the building on a photo tour, taking pictures at our favorite spots throughout SF City Hall. Some of our favorite locations include, The Mayors Balcony, the Grand Staircase and the Rotunda. For more information check out our San Francisco City Hall Wedding Photography page.