Boundary Oaks Wedding Picture in Golf Cart
Dreamy Bridal Prep Photo as Bride Puts on her Shoes
Bride and Groom in the San Francisco Bay Area with Oak Tree
Bride Laughing during wedding vows.  San Francisco Bay Area Photography
Cake Table at San Francisco Bay Area Wedding Reception
Head Shot of Beautiful Bride Looking down at her flowers
San Francisco Bay Area Panoramic Wedding Photography
Newlyweds Cutting the Cake at their Walnut Creek Reception
Wedding Photography of First Dance at Bay Area Marriage
Groom Prep at Boundary Oaks in Walnut Creek
Ring Exchange at this Bay Area Wedding at Boundary Oaks in Walnut Creek
SF Bay Area Bride and Groom pose for Wedding Photography
Bride kissing Groom on Bay Area Golf Course in San Francisco
Groom and Groomsman Toasting before Wedding Ceremony in the Bay Area
Bride with Bridesmaids at San Francisco Bay Area Wedding prep
Bay Area Wedding Ceremony Celebration with Bride and Groom
Bride and Groom walking in Walnut Creek Wedding Photography
Bride Kisses Groom on the Cheek, Wedding Photography Image
Close up Wedding Photography of Newlywed Rings

Bay Area Wedding Photography in Walnut Creek

This Bay Area wedding occurred in Walnut Creek California at Boundary Oaks Golf Course. We also did the bridal prep and the groom prep at the same location. The ceremony took place out on the First Tee of the golf course at Boundary Oaks. They have a very nice location overlooking the golf course in the trees . The one thing I really like about Boundary Oaks is they have a very large “getting ready” room for the girls. This room also has lots of light available so we can shoot without flash in the room with no problem. The other nice thing is that the girls were not too far away from where the other guys are getting ready so we can move between them both. Once the bridal prep was done we moved onto the ceremony and it was a beautiful day. The only thing about Boundary Oaks is that it gets pretty hot and there's not much shade. So most of the guests wait under the trees until the ceremony starts then they come out. This particular ceremony was relatively short but you can see from the images above that we captured it quite well. This is one of our favorite venues in the San Francisco bay area and we understand that the pricing is reasonable.

Wedding Ceremony and Reception

Like all San Francisco Bay Area weddings that occur in the summer you can usually be sure it's not going to rain. This day was no different and we were able to get some great ceremony photographs. Once we finished with the ceremony it was time for the family shots. because it was so hot we took them into the shade to do these which everybody appreciated. Normally the family photos take about 25 minutes or so depending on how many groupings they have. Once that was completed all the guests went indoors to have drinks and we took the bride and groom out into the golf course. They have a beautiful oak tree that you have to get to by taking a golf cart. They normally have a person escort you to make sure you don't get in the way of the golfers. Unfortunately the big old oak tree recently came down in a storm, but they still let you out there and there are other large trees and grass. More importantly, there is still sufficient shade to keep our bride from overheating and also allows for better wedding photography. Once we've completed all of the outdoor formal photography we all went into the reception to get ready for the big celebration. The bride had a surprise in store for everybody when she came out in a cute dancing dress. The groom and her did a choreographed dance routine which everybody loved. If you look above you will see some of the photos we captured of the dance. I thought she was going to keep the Dancing dress on, but she quickly changed back into a wedding dress for the rest of the night's festivities.

When we photograph a full wedding like this, we make sure to cover all of the action from start to finish. We will never leave your reception early even if we go over the allotted time. It is certainly important to make sure that you have a realistic timeline and share it with your wedding photographer and guests for any Bay Area Wedding.

General Thoughts on Bay Area Wedding Photography

I wanted to share some general thoughts about photographing weddings in the Bay Area. I have been one of the leading Bay Area wedding photographers for over 20 years and feel that this is a premier region of the country to have your wedding. I say this because the weather here is so beautiful and predictable but also there are so many amazing places and venues available to a bride and groom. If you go through this website you will find many examples of full Weddings that we photographed at some of these Bay Area venues. This also includes weddings that were photographed specifically in the city of San Francisco. Unlike some of my professional photography friends, I have purposely set my website up to show complete weddings at one location and with one couple. When I made this decision I realized that perhaps my photo galleries would not be quite as impressive as a “greatest hits” type of portfolio. However, I think it's important to provide a realistic view of what your wedding will look like and not some idealized conglomeration of perfect photos from each wedding. The truth is just about anybody can take one or two great photos at a given wedding. Even with a cell phone! What really sets apart the best professional San Francisco Bay Area wedding photographers is the ability to photograph the entire wedding and provide the couple with great photos throughout. I will also say that there is a place to show Greatest Hits types of images because it does give the potential client an opportunity to see just how great this photographer can deliver. I have not completely eliminated these types of portfolios from my site, but overall most of what you see are 20-30 photos from one single wedding from start to finish. With each portfolio album we try to show you a complete progression from Bridal prep, to the ceremony, family photos and the formals. What you will also see is reception photos showing you our ability to capture candid types of photos. We like to think of ourselves as a documentary type of San Francisco wedding photographer but we also provide our clients with traditional photos as well. Feel free to explore this site and have a look at all the different photo albums we have put up. In addition we have the sections that discuss the different venues in the Bay Area. We have a huge listing. Virtually all of the listed wedding venues are places that we have photographed one or more weddings. In many cases we have been to some of these venues 10 times or more so we know them well and also understand the best way to approach them to make your wedding photography the best it can be.

Advantages of Bay Area Wedding Venues

  • Predictable weather 8 months per year
  • Beautiful and affordable wedding venues with many options
  • Huge selection of some of the best Wedding Vendors in the Country
  • Transportation convenience for you and your guests since this is a major hub
  • Affordable choices for the budget conscious
  • High End options as well at Fancy Country Clubs
  • Large variety of Venue options, from beach locations to Napa Vineyards