Wedding Kiss in San Francisco city hall 3rd Floor window

San Francisco City Hall Window Shot

I should first start out by mentioning that the Event department has asked San Francisco city hall wedding photographers to no longer put couples in this window. We did it for years with no complaints and captured some amazing pictures. Eventually, it was deemed necessary to stop doing it for the preservation of the building. The people in charge of taking care of the building discovered that using the window sill like this was slowly wearing down the Marble. They put signs up prohibiting this practice and most everyone stopped doing it, including us. Now the signs have come down and we are not sure what the rule is. We have heard from other photographers that they have used this pose right in front of security and were not told to stop. We are playing it safe for now, but if you want this photo let us know and we can try to check to see if we can get permission. This image is compelling for a couple of reasons. 1. You don't often see a couple actually standing inside a window so it something new. 2. Silhouettes are always compelling because it is also a different way of looking at a bride and a groom. Without seeing detail, we are forced to look at the outline of their shapes and so it accentuates the texture and curves. The bride actually chose to do that movement with her hand which really added so much to this wedding image. One alternative to this image is to have the couple stand in front of the window instead of actually being inside it. It may not be as exciting, but it still makes for a stunning images because the window is so artistic. This is what we try to do for our city hall wedding couples, create something different and creative that will provide them with a lifetime of memories.

Romantic silhouette wedding photography at SF city hall

This above photo is the alternative window shot we spoke about in this caption