San Francisco City Hall Wedding Photographer - Wide Angle Image

Architectural Wedding Photography

One of our specialties when it comes to City Hall weddings is the emphasis on architecture in our images. We reasoned that our clients decide to have their nuptials at this historic building largely for the historic value and gorgeous views. For this reason, we often will make the main focus of the image the building itself and not the married couple. However, we always provide our couple with just as many picture with them as the main focus. In this particular photo, the subjects are relatively small in the image compared to the surroundings. It really allows the viewer to take in the majesty of this iconic building. We try to follow the rules of taking architecture related photos which means to always shoot straight on and fairly level. This avoids the distortion you may see when looking photographs of interiors of buildings. In some ways, this goes against what the best San Francisco city hall wedding photographers want to present to their clients. Because, after all wedding photography is a form of art and you want provide creative images to your couples. As mentioned, our solution to this is to give our newlyweds lots of both styles and let them choose their favorites. In most cases, the feedback we receive tells us that our brides and grooms appreciate the variety of wedding images we present to them. We really do try to provide a nice mix of images including candid shots, posed images and of course the beautiful architecture at City Hall!

Deciding on Styles of City Hall Wedding Photography

Perhaps after reading this you are wondering what you want and how to decide. I would encourage you to look through many wedding photographers websites to get a feel for the different styles and techniques used. In most cases, you will quickly start to realize your favorite types of wedding images. I would also tell you to please feel free to discuss these issues with us and we can help. As previously mentioned, we are always going to provide you with a nice variety of styles, but are happy to listen to you. We want to know your preferences and what you would want our emphasis to be. We are very flexible and can tailor your photo shoot to match your expectations.

San Francisco city hall wedding photography on the Mayor's Balcony